Land transfer in County Lenoir

Land transfer in County Lenoir

The following land transfers have been filed in the Lenoir County Title Registry:

7/28, Crystal Westbrook to Justin Nicholas, New Town, 1.10 acres

7/28, Joseph Rasberry III to Michael James, Kinston Township, District 5, Block D, Sedgefield Forest, Division I

7/28, Jay Paris to Marcus Hodges, Falling Creek Township, Tract B, 63.002 acres

7/28, Jay Paris to Rebecca Swindell, Town of Falling Creek, Tract C & D

7/28, Jay Paris to Marcus Hodges, Falling Creek Township, Tract A, 48.922 acres

7/28, God’s Time Properties, LLC to Michael Joyner, Kinston township, Walston Avenue & Dupree Street, lot 70 & 71, Fairfield Addition

7/28, Mary Borman to Jeff Franklin, Trent Township, District Six, Panther Creek acre, 5385 Barber Rd., 1,143 acre

7/28, Glenn Sparrow to Crystal Cannon, Batch Seven, Block K, Wits Woods

7/28, James Wade to Carol Dudley, 2132 Oakview Street, Falling Creek Township

7/29, Jamie Lincicome to Maisie Davis, Trent Township, 7994 Hwy 55 W

7/29, Jamie Lincicome to Sumz Properties, LLC, Trent township, NC Hwy 55

7/29, Joseph Bateman Jr., to Moselle Van, Falling Creek Township, 8th Plot, Block A, BL Efird property

7/29, Cross Country Equity, LLC to Gerald Bruton, Vance township, lot 23, Cobblestone

7/29, Annette Lapas to Jacob Vallier, Kinston Township, Fifth Group, Block F, Sedgefield Forestry Division, Division Three

7/29, John Erwin to David McKnelly, Kinston Township, Stockton Road, Lot B, Block K, Club Pines Section, Perry Park

29/7, Janet Williams to Betsy Romero, Falling Creek Township, Group 12, Hickory Hills

7/29, Betty Williford to Patricia Martinez, lot 4, 404 W Daniels Street

7/29, from Tyler Foyles to Ernest Morales, Woodington Township, 1.24 acres

7/29, Sharonan Ward to Joselyn Carcamo, W Broadway Lee & Walnut Street, parts 9,10,11,13,14, and part of 8, George Turner Estate

8/01, Betty Bradley to Sheila Harrell, 2 clips

8/01, PJF Capital, LLC to Stromberg Investment Group, lot 4, Forest Hills, section II, 2549 Rebecca Lane

8/01, PJF Capital, LLC to Stromberg Investment Group, lot 5, block C, Uplands Park, stage two, 909 Herbert Drive

1/8, Docks, LLC to Marvin Mejia, 3rd Coupon, 3.143 acres

1/8, Maureen French to Tanya Brinson, 3116 Fox Run, Batch 10, Phase 4, Fox Run from Kinston, NC

8/02, Monet Bronson to William Hainer, Town of Kinston, two syllables

2/8, Bobby Jones to Taylor Mills, Trent township, lot 4, Burncoat subdivision, 2911 Hazel Hill Road

8/02, Mary Bell to Tosh Henderson, Woodington township, NC Hwy 58

8/02, Robert Hill to Betty Hill, Falling Creek Township, 2 lanes, 2869 Gray Grant Road

8/02, Jill Houston to Jeremy Canterbury, Town of Contentnea Neck, 2 pieces

8/02, Glenda Willis to Malcolm MacLeod, Pink Hill Township, Broadway and Front Street, 0.45 acre

8/02, Robert Hill to Betty Hill, Falling Creek Township, 2 lanes, 2869 Gray Grant Road

8/02, Kenneth Lafone to Margarete Greer, lot 50, Wellington, stage II

2/8, Stephen Ledford to Sumz Properties, LLC, two areas

8/03, Larry Boyette to Vernon Moore, Town of Contentnea Neck, Tract B, 14.59 acres

8/03, Pennyland to Big Terry, News Town, Group 16, SB Jackson Property

03/8, Eleanor Harper to Vince Harper, lot 4, block 16, 406 W Lenoir Avenue

3/8, Ralph Stroud to David Wiggs, Trent Township, 1.0 acre, tract B

8/03, Robert Gates to Dennis Alvin, 202 Fire Tower Rd, Mosley Hall Township, Block 4, Harbor Heights

3/8, Mary Williams to Jacqueline Stewart, Group 15, Grove Park, 1716 Cedar Lane

8/03, Linda Grant to Garrett Tyndall, Woodington Township, District One, 4.89 acres

03/8, David West to US Bank, NA, Fountain Park Drive & NC State Road 1149, 1.27 acres, Neuse Township

3/8, KMPM Land Co., Inc. To Melissa Miles, Town Institute, Three Pieces

8/03, Alvester Finch III to Laura Turner, Sand Hill Town, District One, British Road

4/8, Thomas Ross to Sumz Properties, LLC, two syllables

04/8, Janice Smith to Christopher Woods, 1412 Macado Street

4/8, Richard Baker to Mark Watt, Southwest Township, Southwood Road, Route B, 5.29 acres

04/8, Rayborn Miles to Norma Tomlinson, Kinston Township, Plot 2M-B, Block M, Sedgefield Forest

4/8, Hawk Sauce Co. , LLC to Hengst Family, LLC, Queen & Caswell Street

8/04, Eugene Rowntree Jr. to Quincy Faulkner, 3440 Tower Hill Road, Kinston Township, 2 lots

4/8, Sondra Thick to Karen Caprio, Falling Creek township, lot 11, block A, Piney Woods, section 3

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