Learn about 4 startups that are putting artificial intelligence to the fore

Learn about 4 startups that are putting artificial intelligence to the fore

This holiday season, enjoy the abundance of food-themed stories that are taking NVIDIA Blog readers in 2022.

startups in Retail sector – Especially in Quick Service Restaurants – They use NVIDIA AI technology and bots to make it easy to order food super quickly, find drinks on store shelves and deliver meals. It is accelerated by The beginning of NVIDIAIt is a program that provides market support, expertise, and technology to cutting-edge startups.

For those who prefer eye candy, the artists have also recreated a ramen restaurant using NVIDIA Omniverse A platform for creating and running metaverse applications.

Photo credit: Jonathan Borba via unsplash.

Toronto startup HuEx is developing a conversational AI assistant to handle drive-by speakerphone requests. Real-time voice service, which is running on NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platformIt transcribes voice commands into a text message for employees to fulfill.

Technology integrated with the existing headset system allows team members to hear commands and jump in to help if needed. It is in beta testing to help support service at popular Canadian express service chains.

San Diego startup Vistry is addressing a growing labor shortage among quick-service restaurants with an automated, AI-powered order-picking solution. The system is built using Nvidia Riva Software development kit, uses natural language processing for menu comprehension and speech – in addition Recommendation systems To enable faster and more accurate order processing and more relevant and personalized offers.

Vistry is also used Nvidia Metropolis Application framework for creating computer vision applications that can help automate curbside check-ins, speed up drive-thru and predict time taken to prepare a customer order. Its tools are powered by NVIDIA Jetson and NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPUs.

Oakland-based startup Cartken deploys curbside bots powered by NVIDIA Jetson technology for last-mile coffee and meal deliveries. Its autonomous mobile bot technology is being used to deliver Grubhub orders to students at the University of Arizona and Ohio State — and Starbucks merchandise at malls in Japan.

Founding member depends on Nvidia Jetson AGX Urin A unit to operate six cameras that assist in simultaneous positioning, mapping, navigation and wheel speed measurement.

The TX SCARA robot restocks drinks

Telexistance, a Tokyo-based startup, is deploying hundreds of NVIDIA AI-powered robots to restock shelves at FamilyMart, a leading Japanese convenience store chain. Bots handle repetitive tasks like refilling beverage offerings, freeing up retail staff to interact with customers.

For training the AI ​​model, the team relied on it NVIDIA DGX Systems. Android is using Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier To tackle artificial intelligence on the edge, and Nvidia Jetson TX2 A unit for transmitting video stream data.

NVIDIA technology not only accelerates food-related applications in the restaurant industry – it also powers mind-boggling virtual scenes complete with mouthwatering, calorie-free dishes.

Over two dozen NVIDIA artists and freelancers worldwide showcased their potential NVIDIA Omniverse By recreating a Tokyo ramen shop in delicious detail – including pots of braised noodles, steamed dumplings, and bottled drinks.

The scene created to highlight NVIDIA RTX– Real-time rendering and physics simulation capabilities, consisting of over 22 million triangles, 350 unique models, and 3,000 4K texture maps.

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