Lighting Expert launches her blog with lighting trends, DIY, ideas and money-saving tips

Lighting Expert launches her blog with lighting trends, DIY, ideas and money-saving tips

Lighting Expert has launched her blog for all your lighting needs, including energy saving options, money saving tips, types of lighting, choosing the right light bulbs and more.

/Eye News/ – EXETER, CA, November 3, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – lighting expert She launches her blog covering lighting topics such as where to place lighting in your home, how to choose lamps, type of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, and ideas and tips for all your lighting needs. Additional resources include discount coupons and lighting news.

The blog entries cover many lighting topics that help homeowners decide what type of lighting they want for each room and how to know the lumens or watts they need for their fixture light bulbs. Additional topics are added all the time and include:

  • Lumens vs Watts
  • Perfect lighting for watching TV and movies
  • Chandeliers buying tips
  • Holiday lighting
  • Comparisons of efficient lamps
  • How to save energy

Lighting Expert includes blogs detailing the technical side of lighting, including lighting automation and how it works. Lighting automation allows homeowners to control the lighting automatically through sensors and programming that turn off and on according to time or dusk and dawn. These options provide money-saving solutions for outdoor and indoor lighting by ensuring that lights do not turn on when they are not needed. Lighting automation includes motion-activated lights that turn on when someone enters a room or is detected outside, illuminating their path.

Find out what kind of lighting for children’s rooms is to make sure their desk has enough light for homework, and for playtime, choose colorful string lights and lampshades with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. Night lights are also an excellent choice for children’s rooms to cast a soft glowing light to help them sleep.

If homeowners want to light their garage or workshop, there are blog posts on the difference between compact LED tubes and ballast-compatible LED tubes or how to choose the perfect lights for your barn. For backyards and entertainment, the Lighting Experts blog features information on outdoor decorative lighting, pool lighting, and landscape lighting, with tips on choosing the right lights and product discounts.

many Lighting Expert Blogs Include tips and information about lighting and design ideas to complement each room. And for those opting for DIY projects, blog entries on dimmer switches, chandelier installation, and what height to install bathroom sconces.

Visit the Lighting Expert blog and search for any lighting topic to find information, current news, and discount coupons for your next lighting project.

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