Looking to renew?  The average person is willing to drop $42,000 on a home remodel

Looking to renew? The average person is willing to drop $42,000 on a home remodel

New York – The average homeowner is willing to pay $42,000 to give his home a facelift. A survey of 2,000 homeowners looked at how to make their homes feel like new again and reports that most of them want to update the look of their homes (69%). Overall, 63 percent agreed that their homes could need an overhaul.

The survey also found that six out of 10 homeowners have a specific vision of how their home will look, feel and function (62%). Most of these respondents are motivated to make changes to their homes to achieve that vision (77%).

made by OnePoll In collaboration with Andersen Windows & Doors, researchers say It is upon renewal, 27 percent of homeowners are looking to create a more modern space, featuring smooth surfaces, clean lines and an open floor plan with an abundance of natural light. The same percentage of respondents seek a farmhouse-style home, choosing a simple design with a rustic charm. Nearly one-fifth of respondents said a farmhouse is their ideal home style (19%), featuring one story and a patio.

For many, upgrading a home may include creating more open space (31%), finding ways to let in more natural sunlight (30%), or changing the shape or size of windows (29%).

Homeowners want to get rid of that old look

Homeowners prioritize easy aesthetic updates first. Moving on, some of the first home projects people tackled included paint or wallpaper (36%), flooring (33%), or lighting fixtures (29%), indicating what was there. When they bought the house It was old or unattractive. Others made changes because they didn’t like the look (41% each).

A third of respondents made changes to their homes to improve functionality and energy efficiency (34% each). However, half of homeowners say there have been changes they’ve wanted to make to their homes since moving into homes they haven’t dealt with yet (51%).

When considering how to renovate their homes, respondents prioritize energy efficiency (43%) and better use of space (38%).

Kristi Howe, vice president of marketing at Andersen Corporation, said in a statement. “Intervention home improvement projects That increase functionality — such as changing the interior design for better flow, adding more windows to enhance natural lighting or replacing old carpet with hardwood — can change the overall look of your home, making it feel fresh and new.”

There should be no more light

As they look to the future, respondents want to update their homes with additional features such as a balcony, patio or deck (24%), sliding glass doors that open to the outdoors (22%), or garden (22%). For now, however, they might hold on to that The most convenient task for DIY: Adding a new coat of paint or wallpaper (47%), with 38% agreeing that this small change can help transform a home.

Others believe that more significant upgrades such as changing the interior (32%) or installing new windows (26%) will help make the home look like new. When it comes to these types of updates like installing new windows (67%), lockers (59%), or Change the interior design From their homes (58%), respondents are more likely to call an expert. This may be because many see windows as one of the keys to a well-designed and attractive home, and most agree that homes without enough natural light feel less welcoming (58%).

More than a third of the respondents even They say they will be happier (38%) and more productive (33%) if they had more natural light in the house.

“The effect of daylight on the home goes beyond design style—it makes the space seem brighter, more comfortable, airy, and overall more inspiring,” Howe says. “Increasing the connection of our homes to the outdoors by improving natural lighting also has positive health benefits. Access to natural sunlight has been shown to boost mood, energy and enhance sleep quality.”

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