Lew Agius remains one of the best bowlers in St. Louis.

Lou Agios, for years one of St George’s best bowlers, is still shining

Lew Agius remains one of the best bowling talents in St. Louis.

His final scoring boast started with 8 Biggers in 267 clean runs in SunRiver & Friends League play. He followed up his opening match with 245 which included his only open frame of the day at a split of 4-9, and finished a first-class effort with 268 not out and a total of 28 all out for 780.

And it was just a few weeks ago when he finished four pins of what would have been his 14th 300th match in issue 296.

Of note, he also had great success at this year’s USBA Open, winning total prize money of $2,700.00, with the largest amount, $1,726 coming from 700 series scratches in singles, and the second largest amount being $667.00 from an impressive scratch. Juvenile score 1,874. Not surprisingly, he also earned $500 in brackets.

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