Lounge Loves: DIY Youtube Channel, Cats, Bows & More

Lounge Loves: DIY Youtube Channel, Cats, Bows & More

Got Bao, you will eat

I remember the first time I sampled a bao. I had accompanied a colleague to a food review of a Chinese restaurant in Mumbai. The bass served in a bamboo steamer bowl looked like the humble Modak cousins. But unlike modak, it was spongy but slightly chewy, with a very juicy meat filling. Quickly join the wishlist. So, when I saw the ready-to-cook Bao Prasoma on the Metego online portal, I ordered a package of Grilled Chicken Bao Buns – they contain six pieces.

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As the instructions suggested, cooking took no more than five to seven minutes. The buns were thin, the meat was filling enough, the bao was a bit chewy but not sticky. While the bao comes in five variations, my favorite is the sweet taste of the BBQ chicken –Rashmi Menon

Prince and King

Born to Rule: When Charles is King.

The prince who spoke to the flowersThe title grabs your attention instantly. It’s the May 30th episode of NBC’s Kerr Simmons podcast Born to Rule: When Charles is King. Pointing out that Charles once remarked that he was talking to plants – and that they were responding. Although the British press had a field day, Charles has been talking about the environment for 50 years now, before it became a buzzword. In this episode, Simmons talks with experts about whether there is tension between who Charles was (as a prince) and who should be king. Take, for example, the 1984 letter in which he described the proposed redesign of the National Gallery as a brutal ember! As a king, will he shake up the monarchy?– Niba Charaji

sad escape

fairy hut

Somewhere between a busy day and annoying impostor syndrome, I discovered fairy hut. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s actually a YouTube channel by Paola Merrill. It gives viewers a glimpse into life in the countryside, with close-ups of bees buzzing over the flowers and panoramic shots of mountainsides and gushing rivers. There are also videos of DIY projects for making paper, dyeing fabric, and baking cookies. I started posting these videos during the pandemic, No Tape Topic.

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One of my favorite things is how children can be wise: in it, she talks about a little boy who told her that “more than anything else in the world, he wanted to be a star in the night sky, so people would want him.”– Jhanabi Pura

meow world

Lola and Pops

Lola and Pops

Confession: When I’m sad, stressed, or lonely, I need one cat (or several cats) to get over it. Unfortunately, my cat is not always very obliging. Enter cat videos, the second best thing in a collection of real cat videos. Instagram is filled with such videos, many of which focus on the somewhat superficial ideas and inner lives of various feisty cats. One of my favorites is lola_and_popps, which chronicles the adventures, adventures, and thoughts of Lola and Bobby, two British cats, a gray tabby and a gingerbread, with adorable expressions as well as adorable accessories. It appears that the calculation will improve. Three days ago, the family expanded to include a new cat, Leo, also known as Gilgamesh Wintersoules,– Priti Zachariah

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