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MDaughters She is one of the most Creator Movies of our time, with some of the most memorable. It’s much more than just a teen comedy. From characters to jokes and look This beloved cult classic is everything you could want in a rom-com and more.

In addition to comedy moments and Inspirational fashionAnd the I mean girls He also gave us some of the best movie costume ideas for Halloween. From a collection of Damien’s jacket and sunglasses to Regina’s ambitious army pants and flip-flops – there are plenty of looks to choose from. No matter how many years have passed, the actors’ style will always be worthy and worthy of the costumes assigned to them.

The plastic wardrobe guidelines were strict but very nice. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably looking for an excuse to recreate her classic look. With Halloween just around the corner, why not dress up as the absolute Queen Bee, Regina George? Ditch the sweatpants and channel your inner girl by shopping for these Certified plastic items from amazon. Get ready to get the best costume, for so much less.

Have a perfect Halloween

monogram necklace
This monogram necklace makes a total statement. (Source: Amazon)

What’s Regina George’s outfit without her “R” necklace? This sport is a plastic queen bee statement piece Wherever you go, so it’s fitting that you do too. Halloween costumes are all about the little things anyway, so this is a detail you don’t want to go without.

Fortunately, Amazon has an “R” necklace for only $14 and you can choose between rose gold, white, or yellow plated. Regina rocked a white gold-tone plated necklace, but you can switch things up and go with what you like best. For a price as low as this level, you might want to get letter necklace for your actual first name. And it might be nice to have it in every color, so you can wear it with everything. Cute, trendy, and creative – 18 years later, Regina George is still setting trends.

Pink skater skirt
You can swing this pink skirt even if it’s not Wednesday. (Source: Amazon)

Pink pleated mini skirt is a I mean girls Basic costume. This is a waist skater skirt It has over 1,700 five-star reviews, with one shopper she sayswell madeAnd it containsPerfect waist height and gives a curvy look. ‘With this skirt, you can totally sit with us. Plus, it’s less than $20 and is a replica of the one George wore herself. It doesn’t even have to be Halloween to rock out to get this cute—you might end up swinging this skater skirt With your everyday clothes all year round.

If pink isn’t your thing, or you’re looking to add your own touch to creative lookThis skirt is available in twelve different colours. Don’t worry, black, light blue, and white are also very attractive and will definitely be plastic certified. For that price, you can go ahead and stock up on your favorite colors to wear year-round. Trendy, cute and cute – this is a must-have whether you’re a Regina George or not.

dramatic shirt
A little extra drama will totally sell you out I mean girls pattern. (Source: Amazon)

this is top of the tank Really going to make your own Regina George costume. Because Regina George’s outfit isn’t like that

Not only the top is creative and funny, but everyone thinks about it I mean girls When they see it – make your own DIY costume Absolute success. You can even go further and recreate Regina’s famous boob tank look. Just cut two holes in the chest area and wear a purple bra or camisole underneath. Very easy and creative. Add the memorable tank to your cart for just $24 to complete the fetch look.

blonde wig
Don’t forget to flip the hair. (Source: Amazon)

If the Regina-inspired outfit is not already complete, this is blonde wig The deal is sealed. While it’s completely optional, this 24-inch center part will make you look like your George’s twin.

It’s even on sale for just $22. If you’re really dedicated to channeling the Regina George inside you this Halloween, go ahead with all of these long locks is the way to go. Halloween is all about those little details. Add this to your look, and you’ve officially won Halloween this year.

burning book

The Queen Bee isn’t complete without her Burnt Book (Source: Amazon)

The final touch to your Regina George outfit? her infamous burning book. Regina may have used this book to spread bad rumors about everyone at school, but you can use this versatile journal for anything you want. Carry it on Halloween night as the perfect prop for your totally look and then use it as a file Multipurpose magazine Over the year. Durable and vibrantly colored, this cardboard bound journal has 192 lined pages, a tape holder and a back pocket for storage.

On Halloween, we’re Regina George

It doesn’t get much more iconic I mean girls. Celebrate this year by highlighting everyone’s favorite cult classic and getting dressed The queen of plastic. You will not only have the most memorable outfit, but also very simple And at reasonable prices. You may also want to add some of these items to your wardrobe after the holidays – making them a must. Shop these must-haves for a hit, pink, and unbelievable Halloween costumes.

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