Meet... Bingo Fury |  an interview

Meet… Bingo Fury | an interview

Describe your music as a Tinder bio.
Here for an intense period, not long.

What are your oldest musical memories?
He played in the church band growing up. They let me play the drums when I was 7 or 8 while on duty. It was my first experience playing in a band. Not only was the experience of playing in a group at that age very helpful, but I now have a deep knowledge of Christian soft rock.

Who are some of the artists who inspired you when you were just starting out (and why)?
Strokes is probably the reason I make music today. The MTV video “Living on a Dollar Bill” made me want to be in a band. I watched it every night for a month. That’s when I started writing songs, so I can try to be like them. Obviously my inspiration is now completely separate, although I still love The Strokes. They put me through a lot of the things that got me here (Lou Reed in particular). One of the most obvious sources of inspiration for Bingo Fury is Tom Waits, particularly the “Frank’s Wild Years” record. It’s dark, showy, totally rotten. The songs are bigger than the music, it’s a full-fledged feature film to the ears. Unstable and equally beautiful, something I constantly strive for.

You are from Bristol! What do you think of the music scene there at the moment?
I! proudly. The music scene in Bristol is always going strong, but I think we’re heading into a particularly productive period right now. There is a different energy here than in other places. There is no real consideration for outside opinion and expectations within songwriting. It is a very secluded “scene” that has its benefits and drawbacks. Everyone is trying to write things that will surprise the people in their immediate circle, adding to the nature of the melting pot.

Are there any other artists making progress at the same time that you’re being inspired?
many of! Minor Conflict, Quade, and Ex Agent to name a few who exist in a world similar to Bingo. I just saw Bruce do a new live thing that day which was very charming. Big Fuss (Harry Irvine), Iceman Furniss, and the entire free/improvised jazz gang always do a great job. They have a poster and monthly night called “The Greatest Hits of Improvisation” which are worth checking out. A new band called Foot Foot has appeared that looks incredibly inspired. We’ve got a devastating industrial/experimental scene here, based on posters like Avon Terror Corpse and Young Echo. This is where I get a lot of inspiration for the more abrasive audio aspect of the project.

Who will be your dream collaborator?
I love working with Kate Le Bon, she’s my hero. Ideally, she collaborated with her project “DRINKS” that she is doing with her partner Tim Presley (another hero of mine). If you haven’t, listen to “Hippo Lite” it’s incredible.

Musically or otherwise, what are you most looking forward to this year?
The band and I are about to take off on a UK tour with our dear friends Robbie and Mona in a week or so. I’ve been looking forward to it all year long. We play across most of the UK, then go back to Bristol and support me Ronaldo from Team Sonic Youth. Then I’ll go to Amsterdam to see the pier. Very solid next month.

If people could take one thing from your music, what would it be?
It’s totally introspective music. I hope it gives people a chance to sit down with some uncomfortable feelings in a way that is helpful/comfortable to them.

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