Meet the bipedal figure of Agility Robotics at RoboBusiness

Meet the bipedal figure of Agility Robotics at RoboBusiness

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Historically, bipedal robots were reserved for research laboratories. Agility Robotics is starting to change that tune with Digit, a bipedal robot first marketed in early 2020. The company recently closed a $150 million Series B round to help scale its business. Agility targets real-world applications such as moving bags and packages and unloading trailers in warehouses.

during RoboBusinesswhich runs from October 19-20 in Santa Clara, California, Agility Robots Co-founder Damion Shelton will discuss how the company has developed Digit to perform useful tasks. On October 20 from 9-9:45 a.m., Shelton will give a keynote address “Building Human-Centered Robots for Real-World Missions.” Agility Robotics will also be showing demo figures during the session, as well as in the exhibit hall, and you’ll enjoy the next edition of Digit due out this fall.

You can watch the video at the top of this page to understand what role Agility Robotics wants Digit to play in the future. The figure is 5 feet 1 inch (5.55 m) tall and weighs 99 lbs (37 kg). It has a top speed of 3.4 mph (1.5 m/s) and can run for 3 hours on light work. When doing hard work, the robot will last 1.5 hours.

RoboBusiness will feature more than 60 exhibitors, more than 60 speakers, a MassRobotics job fair and Startup Workshop, and Pitchfire Startup Contestreceptions, networking, and more. Full conference passes cost $795, while exhibition tickets only cost $75. Academic discounts are available and full academic conference prices are $295. Register today.

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RoboBusiness will be placed in the same location with Field Robotics Engineering Forum, an international conference and exhibition designed to provide engineers, engineering management, business professionals and others with information on how to develop and safely deploy the next generation of field robotic systems for operation in dynamic large-scale and outdoor environments. You can check the current list of speakers, to which more will be added, over here.

There is also a co-location with RoboBusiness Western DeviceTalks, the premier industry event for medical technologists, is currently in its ninth year. Both events attract engineering and business professionals from a wide range of healthcare and medical technology backgrounds.

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