Modules and Robotics Pioneers Unveil P4 System - Pre-designed Housing Factory Solution

Modules and Robotics Pioneers Unveil P4 System – Pre-designed Housing Factory Solution

Waypaver International and KUKA provide a pre-engineered solution for factory automation for home construction with the efficiency and precision of an automobile factory.

Boise, IdahoAnd the September 22 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Pioneers of modular construction and auto factory automation collaborate to advance the construction industry. Waypaver International, the leading US modular housing company, and German automation leader KUKA, have unveiled a pre-engineered automation solution for the production of housing units. The solution, System P4, provides everything a plant owner would need for an automated modular housing operation, right off the shelf.

The P4 system was designed by Waypaver, powered by KUKA automation technology, and powered by P4 Housing Collective. The P4 housing group includes four separate companies: Waypaver, Prefab Logic, Modular Maven and Effektiv House. The team collectively delivers a building ecosystem from plant design, personnel development, pre-construction design/engineering, and ready-to-build products – designed together to work in tandem with System P4.

The P4 system started a collaboration between Rick MurdockCEO and founder of Waypaver, and Timo Hill, one of the CEOs of the KUKA System Group. Murdock and his business partner Curtis Fletcher Pioneering the use of automation in construction in what is now the largest scale automated factory in the western United States After this success, Murdock and Fletcher have been sought after by developers, factory owners and municipalities in search of new solutions to the global housing crisis.

“The development of the world’s first robotic plant of its kind has forced us to make major advances in construction engineering and manufacturing,” Murdock said. “The goal has always been to learn and share better ways to build, develop modular construction, and make housing more achievable around the world. Collaborating with KUKA on System P4 is a major next step as it gives future factory owners a turnkey solution based on the world’s lessons learned by the pioneers in Both construction and automation.

Hill – who has extensive experience in conceptual design, planning and implementation of complex systems – adds, “KUKA has played a critical and global role in shaping the automation industry over its 100-year history. Together with a strong corporate team around the P4 system, we will put all our expertise to work. In a paradigm shift in the way we build homes. Because nothing less is required to meet the global challenge of housing shortages. Automation bridges the wide gap between building capacity and demand, while making construction more efficient – ​​cost-effective and sustainable.”

KUKA, the leader in automobile manufacturing automation, had a vision of how it could use its expertise in technology and automation to build housing. Murdock, Heil, and Fletcher collaborated to envision a plant design that could combine KUKA technology and innovation with proven best practices in automated modular construction to give modular startups a pre-engineered solution. The result, System P4, is a complete solution including Waypaver’s plant floor planning and logistics along with KUKA robotics automation, hardware and integration services.

The P4 system is a response to the worldwide housing crisis due in part to labor shortages and construction inefficiencies. According to McKinsey & Co., construction is the largest industry in the world, yet it has been one of the last and the slowest in technology. Between 1900 and today, automobile manufacturing has made amazing advances. In the 1920s, it took 12 hours to produce a Ford car; Today the car is produced in less than a minute. With System P4, Murdock, Heil, and Fletcher see similar opportunities to reduce the time it takes to build housing — while relieving workers in construction trades from the physical stress.

“Our ongoing focus is on making homes more accessible, and making construction more accurate, more productive, and easier,” Fletcher said. “P4 Housing Collective is a team of separate companies united around this shared passion. We have made tremendous progress with data-driven approaches to building smarter, standard products as well as automation to take the hard work away from people. The P4 System is powered by KUKA, powered by With data-driven pre-construction, off-the-shelf products, and people-development software — all designed to work with System P4. This is great news for developers, municipalities, and unit builders looking to create a continuous stream of quality housing.”

KUKA is a global automation company with sales around 3.3 billion euros and about 14,000 employees. The head office of the company is located in Augsburg, Germany. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers customers everything they need from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems and their networks in markets such as automobiles, electronics, metals, plastics, consumer goods, e-commerce/retail and healthcare.

P4 . system
The P4 system is the first pre-designed automation system as a turnkey automation solution for off-site construction. The P4 system is designed to set significantly higher standards for square feet of housing produced per person as well as the number of housing units completed per 40 hours worked per week. The system takes proven approaches to construction automation to new levels: reducing steps, putting materials at the point of use, developing prefabrication, prioritizing machine functions for safety, reducing physical stress, and digitizing shop drawings and office communications. The P4 System is powered by P4 Housing Collective and backed by KUKA.

Waypaver International
Waypaver International is a small, strong team of modular manufacturing experts with proven experience to assist in the design of many modular plants. The average age of team members is over 30 years old in modular build each. The Waypaver founder led the development of the first robotic plant of its kind, and served as the largest plant manager as it became the largest modular plant in the western United States in less than three years. Collectively, the team has led the design of more than a dozen modular plants. Waypaver is committed to helping potential plant owners and operators understand risks, avoid costly mistakes, and enjoy the adventure of paving the way for a smarter, faster, and more efficient construction industry worldwide.

Residential Compound P4
P4 Housing Collective is a team of independent companies accelerating the construction process with an ecosystem of standard products and services designed to work together. P4 is an acronym for the four elements, including:

the plants: Automation, robotics, software, integration, facility design, and operational consulting led by Waypaver International

People: Factory Startup Culture Programs, Modern Office Design, and Industrial Innovation Consulting Led by Modular Maven

Precon (pre-construction): Data-driven pre-construction, dual digital technology, experienced project design and a logistics team led by Prefab Logic

products: Pre-Checked Ready-made Plans for Automation, Buildability and Optimized Material Supply Chain Led by Effektiv House

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