Mom reveals a genius way to turn her kids' toys into DIY Christmas decorations — and here's how you can too

Mom reveals a genius way to turn her kids’ toys into DIY Christmas decorations — and here’s how you can too

With heaps of food and guests to feed, the festive period can be a challenge for our bank accounts.

Luckily, one mom revealed how you can cut costs and make your own DIY decorations using old kids’ toys — and not only will it save you money, but it’s useful too. The environmentBecause you don’t buy new decorations.


The crafty mom took to TikTok to show off her celebratory hackcredit: tiktok/@just_goldendesigns
Not only is it sustainable and cheap, but toys won't break like expensive trinkets do


Not only is it sustainable and cheap, but toys won’t break like expensive trinkets docredit: tiktok/@just_goldendesigns

lending a helping hand to fellow parents, the literal champions known as Making Beauty Easy (@employee) , to me Tik Tok To share the genius tutorial.

The amazing mother, who is believed to be from United Staterevealed that the hack works best with small toys that are made of plastic, like the little figures you get McDonald’s.

“If they’re not playing with them anymore and they can’t get rid of them – or you can’t get rid of them if you’re like me – you can turn them into something that will last forever.

`It is so good to have them on your tree,` said the mother own video.

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And she instructed to make these you will only need a few things – black satin ribbon (or satin ribbon whichever you prefer), eye screws, plus a small drill set.

They can be purchased at your local craft store on websites such as Amazon.

The instructions are relatively easy to follow, as shown in the clip—just drill a small screwdriver into where you want it before placing the screw.

Attach the ribbon of your choice and voila – you’re all done.

Another important tip, she added, is to burn the ends of the tape – this will ensure they don’t fray.

“I am so excited that they are on the tree! They have the most emotional attachment, feelings with them.

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“They were really easy to make and now their tree is filled with all their memories, and they don’t get lost in the big toy basket.

“We appreciate them so much now that they’re on the Christmas tree. ”

The creative breakthrough has become a huge success Social mediaIt has garnered more than 221,000 views since it was uploaded to the platform.

Among the viewers, there were dozens who praised the mom for the genius advice, like this one who wrote: ‘This is a great idea instead of paying $20 for the licensed copy of a personal ornament. ”

Another agreed, commenting: “It’s so refreshing to see someone not buying more stuff but giving something a second life!”

“I do this with my daughters’ toys when she’s older,” promised a fellow mom and Christmas enthusiast. ”

But once you make these adorable ornaments, make sure you know How to attach them correctly – Turns out we’ve all been doing it wrong.

To make sure the tree looks as fancy and festive as possible, a team of decorating experts came up with an easy hack—and it costs absolutely nothing.

By now, you probably know that ornaments and other decorations keep twisting and twisting the branches, spoiling the overall look.

But according to experts on Decoration warehouseFrom TexasAnd the United StateThere is a simple trick that will keep them hanging straight.

download hack on InstagramExperts explained that instead of just placing it on the branch, it should be placed as usual and then wrapped again and again.

in the videoThe pros said, “If it’s a regular ornament, wrap the string around the branch for a more ‘layered’ look rather than hanging.

”If it’s a larger spherical ornament, have it sit inside the tree. Adds dimension.

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With a stunning Christmas tree in the background, they added, “And that’s it!

“You’ll take your tree to the next level with this simple trick!”

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