New Business Between Binary Bots and AWS Achieves True Citywide Simulation Using Falcon x AWS SimSpace Weaver

New Business Between Binary Bots and AWS Achieves True Citywide Simulation Using Falcon x AWS SimSpace Weaver

Las vigas–() – so far, simulations have generally involved a trade-off between scale and fidelity. Simulating large swaths of the physical world requires huge computational resources, which limits the range of possible simulations. But on Tuesday, November 29, Duality Robotics, working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), revealed an exciting new conception of a high-fidelity citywide simulation. Featured at AWS re:Invent 2022, the “Rush Hour Emergency and Response Simulation in Smart Cities” demo shows what Falcon, the digital dual simulator for Duality, can achieve when it integrates with AWS SimSpace Weaver, AWS’ fully managed computing service for the first time. It helps customers build, operate, and oversee large-scale spatial simulations and operations.

In this demo, a semi-autonomous, remotely located EMS unit navigates a city of more than a million simulated vehicle and pedestrian agents, coordinating its route with traffic information and assisting ground units. Traditionally, this kind of resource-intensive simulation would be subject to the limitations of the available local hardware. But with the integration of AWS SimScape Weaver, Falcon’s full capabilities can be run on an increasingly larger scale while available computational resources expand with spatial simulation needs on the AWS infrastructure.

AWS SimSpace Weaver handles provisioning of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances as well as network management and compute infrastructure. By combining Falcon’s powerful simulation features with AWS SimSpace Weaver and leveraging Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 City Sample project, the Duality team created a sprawling city-scale simulation in just three months. Simulations run across multiple concurrent Falcon instances while AWS SimSpace Weaver tracks and manages state information for each simulated entity so that spatial simulations run as a seamless unit.

“Our demo provides a successful proof-of-concept of how such simulations can be implemented,” says Duality CEO Apurva Shah. “The EMS use case demonstrates high-resolution physics, light rendering, virtual sensors, and real-time performance with over a million concurrent agents.” And because Falcon uses Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to power realistic 3D environments and visualize data with a high level of fidelity, it also takes advantage of huge pools of non-real assets – an advantage for efficiently deploying simulations.

Mr. Shah asserts that “Falcon with AWS SimSpace Weaver can now take digital twins of the environments and systems developed for the unreal ecosystem and immediately make them available for simulation at scale.”

In addition to the premiere of AWS re:Invent 2022, the demo will also be shown at the Inter-Services/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education conference (I/ITSEC – November 28 to December 2, 2022). The demo will be presented in two locations: by the AWS team (booth 531) and the Epic Games team (booth 1815).

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About dual robots:

With more than 70 patents across robotics, simulation and visualization, Duality’s multidisciplinary team is building the Metaverse Foundation to solve real-world problems. Accurate digital twins of environments and operating systems result in high-resolution data and predictive behavior modeling that enable Duality customers to deploy automated systems robustly and at scale.

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