New range of optoelectronic components from Newhaven Display

New range of optoelectronic components from Newhaven Display

The range of optoelectronic components available in the TME catalog has been expanded to include products from Newhaven Display. This is an American resource that specializes in Universal displays manufactured to various standards, with a wide range of applied technologies and available versions. These solutions are now available Directly from our warehouse. If you are interested in new products, feel free to visit our catalog (see link below) and take a look at a brief overview of the range presented below.

Newhaven Display Product Range Overview

The Newhaven show is a Manufacturer with highly specialized field of expertise, which focuses almost exclusively on displays. Therefore, you can be sure that the supplier has taken care of the wide compatibility of its products, as well as their durability and manufacturing accuracy.

It includes the core products of the brand Alphanumeric displays Based on LCD and OLED technologies. They come In 16×2, 20×2, 20×4 and 40×4 Personal configurations with heights ranging from 3.23mm to 9.22mm. Liquid crystal products have white, blue, gray, yellow, green or RGB backlighting. It is equipped with HD44780 compatible controllers, i.e. with a 14-pin parallel interface (+2 backlight power pins). Moreover, they also come in SPI or I.P. controlled versions2C bus. Moreover, it is also available in variants that operate at 2.8V DC, which facilitates Integration into battery operated devices.

Classic alphanumeric LCD display with parallel interface.

Graphic displays (LCD and OLED) With a resolution from 128 x 32 to 320 x 240 it also features versatility and a variety of colors. As with alphanumeric models, select products feature factory-fitted heating. As a result, the minimum operating temperature reaches -40 ° C. The manufacturer also offers temperature equalization units, which translates to improved contrast and display quality. The units are also available with negative voltage converters that allow the addition of a contrast modulation potentiometer and microcontroller relief for the task. Specific offers are Ultra thin (up to 1.6 mm)which is achieved, among others, through the use of COG (chip on the glass) technology.

The graphic OLED display is only 5.5mm thick.

in the field of TFT displays, Newhaven Display is proud A selection of matrices in sizes from 1.8 to 7, with a brightness of up to 1200 cd / m2 (good sunlight readability). The display resolution is up to 800 x 480 pixels. This product group includes the products it controls I2C or SPI signalsHowever, they also support popular video interfaces such as RGB or HDMI. Most arrays are enclosed in the thinnest possible enclosure and feature FPC threads or IDC sockets for easy installation in portable devices and reduced implementation costs. It is noteworthy that this group also includes Smart displays with resolutions up to 1024 x 600 and sizes up to 10.1equipped with touch screens (resistive and capacitive, supporting, among others, multi touch technology) and is therefore well-suited to developing state-of-the-art hardware and intuitive to use. The supplier also makes a wide range of training materials (in the form of tutorials) available on their website, as well as comprehensive technical documentation on their products and controllers, video libraries and example codes (eg Arduino). With this support, you can be sure that the implementation and modeling phase using Newhaven Display units will go smoothly and easily.

In addition, Newhaven Display, is also a manufacturer of VFDs (Vacuum fluorescent screen). They include built-in voltage converters, so only 5V DC is required to operate. VDFs can be implemented in a manner very similar to standard alphanumeric LCDs (with serial communication support) and exhibit extremely wide thermal tolerance and high contrast, remaining readable even in bright sunlight.

It should be noted that Newhaven Display is a manufacturer known for its high level of technical support, and some of the supplier’s products are available from our catalog upon request. The range of these products will be gradually expanded, so be sure to keep an eye out for new products available at TME!

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