Nickelytics partners with service bots and an ad board for a new kind of advertising

Nickelytics partners with service bots and an ad board for a new kind of advertising

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No matter your age, you’re likely familiar with Smokey Bear’s tireless struggle to protect our national forests from wildfires.

This year’s Smokey Bear campaign celebrated His 78th birthday, making it America’s longest running Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaign with the popular phrase “Only you can prevent wildfires.” Now more than ever, people need help stopping the spread of wildfires.

nicelitic It recently announced that it has partnered with the independent delivery company service bots and Ad Council to present the longest-lived PSA campaign for a new platform – delivery bots.

Nickelytics is an out-of-home (OOH) advertising company that seeks to revolutionize the OOH industry. The company is entering OOH into the 21st century, and its partnership with Serve Robotics is just one part of its strategy.

Smokey from Ad Council will be wrapped around Serve Robotics in Los Angeles, raising awareness of wildfire prevention in an area frequently affected by fires. Serve Robotics has developed Level 4 self-driving robots that have completed tens of thousands of deliveries across Los Angeles for Uber Eats and several other delivery platforms. This advertising campaign will be promoted in very prominent areas of Los Angeles.

“We are thrilled to partner with Serve Robotics to pioneer an exciting new form of outdoor advertising,” said Juda Longerer, Nickelytics Co-Founder and CEO. “The launch of this campaign with Smokey Bear is a milestone for our team and just the beginning of our expansion into the Los Angeles market. We look forward to amplifying Smokey’s message and measuring the expected increase in campaign engagement using real-time digital measurement capabilities.”

Laurie Keith, Vice President of Advertising Council for Emerging Media and Technology, said the organization is constantly working on strategies for innovative ways to reach people who complement or go beyond traditional media. With nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires caused by humans nationwide, it is important that everyone do their part to prevent unwanted fires.

“Our new partnership with Nickelytics will allow us to share Smokey Bear’s message about eye-catching delivery robots and share important information in a memorable way,” said Keith.

Serv Robotics’ chief operating officer, Torj Barang, said Nickelytics’ proprietary technology and advertiser relations made the company an ideal partner to help Serve Robotics bring out-of-home advertising to its growing independent delivery platform.

“We’re thrilled to raise public awareness of wildfire prevention, while helping reduce emissions and traffic congestion in Los Angeles with our friendly sidewalk robots,” Barang said.

Serve Robotics and Nickelytics have partnered on an ongoing basis to offer advertising opportunities to businesses. The main reason why Nickelytics stands out from other OOH advertising companies is that their platform uses GPS and mobile location tracking. This component of its platform makes advertising more successful for customers, allowing businesses to retarget them with digital ads.

Nickelytics is demonstrating its commitment to revolutionizing the OOH advertising space through this partnership. In addition to autonomous robots, the company is working to expand into the field of electric vehicles.

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