Nickelytics, Serve Robotics, and Ad Council Partner in Innovative Outdoor Advertising Campaign Smokey Bear

Nickelytics, Serve Robotics, and Ad Council Partner in Innovative Outdoor Advertising Campaign Smokey Bear

Tampa, Florida – (work wire) –niceliticToday, the venture-backed B2B ad technology startup that allows brands to run out-of-home ad campaigns has announced the launch of one of the first major OOH ad campaigns to be placed on bots. Mobility company has partnered with service botsthe leading independent delivery company, and Ad board To present one of the longest running public service campaigns in history in an innovative new form: delivery robots.

Ad Council darling Smokey will be wrapped around select service delivery bots in a new campaign to raise awareness of wildfire prevention in Los Angeles. Serve Robotics and Nickelytics have also entered into an ongoing partnership to provide additional advertisers the opportunity to appear on eye-catching sidewalk robots as they complete food delivery in high-visibility areas.

“We are delighted to partner with Serve Robotics to pioneer an exciting new form of outdoor advertising,” he said. Judah Longerer, co-founder and CEO of Nickelytics. “Launching this campaign with Smokey Bear is a milestone for our team and just the beginning of our expansion into the Los Angeles market. We look to amplify Smokey’s message and measure the expected increase in campaign engagement using real-time digital measurement capabilities.”

“At Ad Council, we are always strategizing for innovative ways to reach people that complement or go beyond traditional media. With nearly 9 out of 10 bushfires caused by humans nationwide, it is as important as ever to do our part to prevent unwanted fires. In which “. Laurie Keith, Vice President of Emerging Media and Technology at the Advertising Council. “Our new partnership with Nickelytics will allow us to share Smokey Bear’s message about eye-catching delivery robots and share important information in a memorable way.”

“We are pleased to raise public awareness of wildfire prevention, while helping reduce emissions and traffic congestion in Los Angeles through friendly sidewalk robots.” Touraj Parang, Chief Operating Officer, Serve Robotics. “The relationships between the advertisers and Nickelytics’ proprietary technology make them the perfect partner to help us bring out-of-home advertising to our growing platform for independent delivery.”

The Smokey Bear campaign recently celebrated its 78th birthday, making it the longest running PSA campaign in America, in partnership with the state’s Forest Service and the National Forest Association. Smokey’s famous phrase, “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” was developed in response to widespread wildfire outbreaks in non-forest natural areas. With heat waves sweeping across California, this year’s public awareness campaign remains as timely as ever.

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About Nickelytics:

Nickelytics, a startup powered by Techstars, is a platform that makes launching super local out-of-home ads as simple as posting ads online. Nickelytics combines the physical presence of outdoor advertising with the power of digital technology to get unbeatable results. Nickelytics leverages out-of-home advertising through premium mobile assets, such as economic mobile vehicles, autonomous delivery robots, e-scooters, and electric vehicle charging networks to help marketers reach customers regardless of location. Mobillity asset owners also receive another stream of revenue by partnering with marketers. With the help of Nickelytics analytics, companies can better understand their return on ad spend thanks to Nickelytics’ complex attribution and digital retargeting capabilities. For more information visit

About Ad Council

Ad Board is where creativity and reason meet. The nonprofit brings together the most creative minds in advertising, media, technology, and marketing to address many of the nation’s most important causes. The Ad Council has created many of the most famous campaigns in the history of advertising. Friends don’t let their friends drive drunk. Smokey Bear. Love has no labels. Its innovative social campaigns raise awareness, inspire action, and save lives. To find out more, visit AdCouncil.orgFollow the Ad Council communities at FacebookAnd the Instagram And the TwitterView creative articles on Youtube.

About service bots

Serve Robotics is shaping the future of sustainable delivery and autonomous driving. The company designs, develops and operates zero-emission roving vehicles that serve people in public spaces, from food delivery. Founded in 2017 as the robotics division of Postmates, Serve has set out to build a robotic delivery experience that delights customers, improves reliability for merchants, and reduces vehicle emissions to zero. Five years later, the company’s self-driving vehicles have successfully completed tens of thousands of contactless deliveries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Founded as an independent company in February 2021, Serve is backed by Uber and other world-class investors. Serve has several well-established business partnerships and continues to expand its partner platform. Find out more on www.serverobotics.comFollow us on social media via Twitter And the Instagramor apply to join our team on LinkedIn.

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