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This week’s diary is also not a 1000 project party! We have many excuses (sick; snowing under work; …), so I’ll just say 1) we probably don’t do it on Thanksgiving weekend, and 2) you’ll know before you open the diary (and in fact, it may take The matter is accurate We see A diary).

Meanwhile, we have a new project. When I was looking for a reading project, I noticed this small-town North Carolina second-grade teacher trying, like a ninja, to sneak a little “social/emotional learning” into her class before the fascists noticed. I thought we could all get behind that.

This project is chosen in memory of a member of KOS JoyoNorth Carolina’s daughter and our friend’s beloved wife randalt. for him diary about her Worth your time.

Project 1

project: Ninja fied and understand our feelings

resources: Help me give my students the Ninja Life Hacks reading series to help them with their social/emotional learning!

economic need: that Equity Focus School; nEarly All students are from low-income families.

Site: Gallberry Farm Elementary School, Hope Mills, North Carolina

the total: $180.92

Still needed: $150.92 $122.39

Project description by Ms. Williams: I believe in my students and their potential so much! They teach me more than I teach them. My students are in the second grade, which is a vital age in which self-discovery begins. Our classroom is full of diverse learners with a wide variety of abilities. One of my favorite parts of teaching them is helping them realize that confidence in themselves. They love the Ninja series books and these books will help add to the range of books that will help students think and spark conversations to grow in and out of the classroom. When students discover this belief for themselves, that is when we see the most growth. Thank you for considering making a donation to our classroom!

Donations of any size can make a huge difference!

There is a great series of these books! Little Ninjas help readers understand that everyone has negative feelings and experiences sometimes, but we can learn to deal with them. [0:29]

Here is an example. [5:55]

Our long term project is a big one, but we’ve been doing it great for 2 weeks now! El Paso middle school students will love working with Lego’s Spike Prime robotics groups, whenever we finally get it fully funded.

Project No. 2

project: Enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics knowledge and skills

resources: Help me give my students Lego Spike Prime robotics kits to enhance their STEM knowledge and skills.

economic need: that Equity Focus School; nEarly All students are from low-income families.

Site: Gillen Middle School, El Paso, Texas

the total: $954.65

Still needed: $684.65 $656.12

Project description by Dr. Morales: My students are lifelong learners and have an incredible amount of energy. They are very curious and enjoy applying math and science to real-world examples. Bots allow them to do this.

Lego Spike Prime robotics kits will allow my students to enhance their STEM knowledge and skills with an authentic example.

Spike Prime robotics groups will also put my students on a path toward college and career readiness. My students will benefit from the engineering design process to document their experience in robotics.

In addition, they will make presentations for our school community. It will be a win for our students and the school community to get these Lego Spike Prime robotics kits.

Donations of any size can make a huge difference!

A brief overview of what’s in the required Spike Prime kit designed for the classroom.

And a quick look at a sample project: This one is a Halloween project and it’s so much fun.

Our #1 project from last week was completed, mostly by readers as well as similar funds from a “Local Family Foundation”.

project 1, Build vocabulary one word at a time: Ms. Jarrow needed materials for middle school students in North Carolina, to help them develop their vocabulary and grammar skills..

As of the time of publication, Ms. Garrow has not yet seen the news, but we’ll bring you her feedback when it’s available.

DonorsChoose has developed the appointment Schools focus on equity to describe some Schools submitting projects. that they Meet two criteria: At least 50% of students are black, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, or multiracial, and at least 50% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, which is the standard measure of economic need for a school. You can read more at the link about their efforts to address longstanding inequalities in education.
DNA micro-molecule - a page-breaker for the vaccination project

Founded in 2009, Vaccination project The Anti-Science and Education Batch in America fights conservatism by funding science, math, and literacy projects in classrooms and libraries in red state public schools. our channel donorsa crowdfunding charity founded in 2000 and highly rated by both Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau.

everyoneWe focus on helping fund projects in public neighborhoods Schools in which the vast majority of students come from low-income families. We welcome everyone who supports public school education – no money required!

Finally, here are the files List of successfully funded projects – The sum of our series is 1002! The Success List diary also contains links and additional information about DonorsChoose.

Starfish on the beach with the caption: You made a difference.

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