Numurus secures $2 million to grow its open source robotics application software business

Numurus secures $2 million to grow its open source robotics application software business

SeattleAnd the October 25 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Numurus LLC, a leading robotic solutions company and developer of NEPI, the first commercial open source software solution for robotic and intelligent sensing applications, has secured 2 million dollars in financing led by the Tokusui Corporation of America Inc. To solidify its position in the fast-growing robotics and intelligent sensing markets. Combined with previous funding, this investment cements Numurus’ first entry into the market through NEPI’s fully developed suite of software focused on advanced artificial intelligence (Edge AI), sensors and data mining, and system interaction.

In support of its efforts, Numurus has formed a Board of Directors to provide ongoing strategic vision and executive leadership as the company enters a phase of rapid growth over the next year. Board members include the CEO of Numurus Jason C WallAnd the Ryan McKee And the Jonathan Doran Represent current investment groups. This investment also supports the expansion of Numurus’s product development and professional services divisions – which is central to the company’s commitment to delivering scalable edge products focused on AI and supporting its customers. As a strong demonstration of this commitment, Numurus recently hired veteran industry expert Shanif Merchant, Chief Product Officer, to oversee NEPI’s product development and accelerate Numurus’ place as the leading solutions provider in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Finally, the new funding will help Numurus increase market development efforts and increase access to global customers.

Numurus CEO Jason C Wall He said, “Numurus intends to become an essential ubiquitous platform for robotic and intelligent sensor solutions by significantly reducing development costs and time to market new products in the industry, and overcoming a major hurdle in market scalability for such solutions. Through the investment of Tokusui Corporation and support, we are well positioned to implement this vision.”

President of Tokusui Corporation of America Ryan McKee He said, “Having seen firsthand how Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics are transforming Tokusui’s food processing business worldwide, Tokusui sees the broader impact of these technologies in most industrial markets and believes that NEPI’s suite of proprietary programs Numurus will be a major driver of transformation in these industries.”

Prior to the Tokusui investment, Numurus secured funding from individual investors who also invested in Seawall’s former BlueView Technologies company, which Teledyne Technologies acquired in 2012.

About Nomor

Numurus helps companies reduce the cost, time, and risks associated with bringing Edge AI and robotic applications to market with its flagship patent-pending NEPI product, a Linux software distribution for Edge AI and robotic applications that accelerates the development of intelligent solutions. Our goal is to allow developers to focus on the end-client solution and offload low-level middleware to NEPI, reducing development times from years to months for a new solution. Numurus also provides its customers with access to NEPI software support services with software engineers who specialize in artificial intelligence and intelligent sensing to answer questions and resolve problems quickly. / LinkedIn

About NEPI

nep It is a patent-pending Linux software distribution for Edge AI and botnet applications. NEPI enables core middleware with sensor drivers, abstract data interfaces, AI management tools, remote user interfaces, communication drivers, ROS-based communication and more. NEPI simplifies the integration of complex, disparate software into a single commercial offering that enables solution developers and integrators to bring smart products to market faster.


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