Oriole girls win big, boys fall in tough loss

Oriole girls win big, boys fall hard lost – Butler County Times-Gazette

Written by Lionel Tipton

Augusta – The college boys found themselves in an unfamiliar place on Tuesday night – redolent.

The Spartans, undefeated and ranked sixth in Class 3A, fell behind Augusta and trailed at halftime, 21-14.

But just as an engine needs time to warm up in near-freezing weather, Collegiate stormed back to a 31-31 tie at the end of the third quarter.

The Spartans then ramped up their signature pressure on defense, forcing Augusta to miss shots or turning the ball over and managing to hold on for a 48-44 win at Hutter Gymnasium.

An 8-0 lead to close out the third quarter pulled the Spartans even, which was built largely on stifling press.

“Charlie Spoonhour, the great coach, used to say that when you’re a great pressing team, the opponent’s turnovers are going to be like grapes — they’ll come in bunches,” said collegiate coach Mitch Vigel. And you’re just hoping to get enough small groups to get over the top.

“We hit the ball horribly (Tuesday night), but what we don’t do is stop grinding. This team is tenacious. They’re tough – and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we could be.”

It’s a young team, Feigl said, with only juniors James Shackelford and Quentin Fear the senior with any major college experience from last year.

There’s been a great deal of buzz about Collegiate’s talented freshmen so far this season, and the Orioles have gotten a first-hand look at them, probably satiating soon afterward.

One of the starters, 6-foot-5 Sebastian Heinz-Turner, worked his skinny frame indoors all night, but only had two points in the half.

He made up for it even more in the second half, scoring eight points in the third quarter and nine in the fourth to finish with 19 points. In the final period, he hit five of seven free throws, including four in the last minute that broke the tie 42-42 and then extended the Spartans’ lead, showing poise that belied his freshman status.

“Sebastian puts a smile on my face every single day,” said Vigel. “He’s not only a great player, he’s a great kid. It’s going to be something else. I can’t wait to see the final product, what it will look like in four years.”

Augusta (2-3) was clicking on all cylinders in the first half, helping them jump out to a seven-point halftime lead after leading by seven several times in the opening periods.

“They have some real size,” Feigl said. “And when the size is new, the size is good.”

Infielder Marcus McClanahan had a three-ball putt, scoring twice in the first period, and youngster Gavin Keyser won inside to score six points in the first period as well.

As the game went on, the Orioles’ legs tired, especially under the collective pressure. Meanwhile, the Spartans began flexing their athleticism, even barring McClanahan from the perimeter.

“But we felt like we could get back on their feet of late, and we did,” Feigl said. “They miss a couple of key free throws, they miss a couple of the shots they were making in the first half, and that’s what pressure does — it wears you out at the end.”

A Kaden McDaniel throw with 1:52 left in the third quarter pushed Augusta’s lead to its largest lead of the night, 31-23.

But Collegiate (6-0) finished the period at 8-0 to enter the final period with a tie. Hines-Turner had two baskets, and freshman Jaden Parker, who had battled foul trouble all night, added one.

Augusta coach Ryan Beattie said the collegiate press left his players tired and prone to turnovers and mistakes.

“I don’t think we went over half the field (in that period),” said Beattie. “I think our guys were exhausted and stopped trying to open up.

“We didn’t close this quarter well, which is a shame, because we closed the first quarter and the second quarter really well.”

In the fourth quarter, the lead swung back and forth. Augusta twice led by three points, only to see the Spartans battle again. A Hines-Turner pass with 2:34 left to tie the score, 42-42, then his free throws put Collegiate ahead, 44-42, with 52.7 seconds left.

Then Collegiate’s lone senior Quentin Fear stole the ball and put it up with 41 seconds left to take a 46-42 lead – his only field goal of the night.

McClanahan rebounded from a missed shot and returned it with 5.0 seconds left. But Hines-Turner would sink two more putts with 4.1 seconds left on the final margin.

The game was very physical, Petty said, which tends to favor collegiate sports.

“(Collegiate) hasn’t taken a real hit yet this year,” he said. “They kind of drove most of their games through the wire. We hit them with a punch early, and I thought we should have increased them by more than seven in the half – it would be interesting to look at the stats and see how many more shots they got than we did, just because they got a lot more.” Offensive rebounds.”

McClanahan was the only Oriole in double digits with 10 points. He faced a tough defense in the second half, including blocking his own shot.

His “defense blocks”, Shackleford and junior Brett Whitta, have progressed dramatically, Vegel said.

“They take enormous pride in stopping the other (team’s) best shooter,” he said. “When you have two men like that who can spoil each other, it’s an enormous luxury.”

Keyser and fellow junior Caleb Martin each had eight points, McDaniel seven, and second guard Landon Riggs six.

“We’ve got some young keepers, and it’s been a great experience for them,” said Beatty.

The Orioles probably won’t see stress like the Collegiate’s in the rest of the season, he said, with the likely exception of McPherson.

Hines-Turner led in 19 Spartans, and Parker added eight.

“We’re kicking ourselves right now,” Betty said. “We really felt like we let this one slip. We just didn’t make the stretch plays… overall. We had so many chances in this game that we didn’t make it.”

After the Christmas break, Augusta 2023 will start at home against Mulvain on January 5th.

Collegiate 48, Augusta Boys 44

collegiate 9; 5; 17; 17-48 August; 14; 7; 10; 13-44 COLLEGIATE – Hines-Turner 19, Parker 8, Shackelford 5, Wetta 4, Fair 3, Ahmad 3, Rasberry 3, Batiste 2, Chege 2. AUGUSTA – McClanahan 10, Kiser 8, Martin 8, McDaniel 7, Riggs 6 Ruddle 5.

Augusta girls 46, college 10: It was an early mismatch, as Augusta (3-2) quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead after the first quarter and used his seat freely against the Spartans (1-5), who were coming off their first win of the season against Rose Hill.

Eight Orioles made their way up the scoring pole, and all 12 of the varsity team were played.

Senior Aspin Peterson led the scoring with nine points, including a three-pointer. Augusta had four in the match. Junior Emily Brundage finished with eight points, many of them on the inside.

Despite the lopsided score, Augusta coach Renee Malloy found value in the game, and was given an excellent opportunity to play all of her girls.

“It’s definitely nice for some of these younger kids to get some experience and have to fight through some of the things that players at their best level have to contend with,” Malloy said.

To Malloy’s credit, she continued to frequently pit her rookie players against a Collegiate team that wore only nine players.

Augusta girls 46, college 10

collegiate 0; 5; 4; 1-10 August; 10; 10; 19; 7 – 46 COLLEGIATE – Herrman 8, Vincent 1, Babb 1. AUGUSTA – Peterson 9, Brundage 8, Wells 7, Riley 6, Williams 5, Haskell 4, Ratcliffe 4, Quezada 3.

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