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Ottonomy.IO partners with xBridge at Pittsburgh International Airport to innovate airport customer experiences

Are you thirsty at your gate waiting for a flight? Call Ottobot for a drink.

Pittsburgh International Airport is partnering with a tech startup Ottonomy. i.o and a fully autonomous delivery robot – Ottobot – for a pilot project offering selected passengers a contactless delivery system.

Ottonomy partners with PIT’s xBridge Innovation Center, the airport’s tech proving ground for technologies and startups providing solutions to industry and beyond. Building on the region’s strong innovation economy, the airport is a site for proof-of-concept technologies in a real-world operating environment as well as a pilot site for companies’ first deployments.

Volunteer customers will be able to order and receive drinks at designated drop-off points at PIT’s runway station. Ottobot by Ottonomy is the first fully autonomous airport delivery robot and is currently deployed in multiple airports in the USA and Europe.

“We are committed to delivering the best customer experiences by discovering and implementing innovative solutions that use the latest technology,” says Cole Wolfson, Director of xBridge. “xBridge at Pittsburgh International Airport has created a culture of innovation and we are excited to partner with Ottonomy to advance this technology in the airport environment.”

“Airports are dynamic, busy environments, and they serve as the perfect testbed for real-world deployments of Ottobots,” he says. Ritukar VijayCo-Founder and CEO, Inc Ottonomy Inc. “Ottobot provides the only complete autonomous delivery experience for indoor and outdoor environments. We are seeing tremendous interest in our technology from leading airports and organizations around the world.”

Ottobots can navigate autonomously through crowds and unpredictable environments using Ottonomy’s Contextual Mobility Navigation platform. The system is highly scalable and uses a comprehensive set of tools to manage a fleet of bots across multiple locations.

To learn more about Ottonomy, please visit: Or download a file Ottonomy beforeSS kit. To speak to a PITT spokesperson, you can contact the media team at and Matthew Nestin

About Ottonomy Inc.:

Ottonomy is a deep tech startup providing fully autonomous robots for contactless delivery to the retail, food and beverage and aviation sectors. Ottonomy has been recognized among the Top 50 Robotics Companies Worldwide in 2021 by Robotics Business Review and has won the Mobility Startup Award awarded by Plug & Play Accelerator and the Sustainability Product of the Year Award awarded by Business Intelligence Group. The company is backed by Pi Ventures, Connectic Ventures, and Branded Hospitality Group.

About xBridge at Pittsburgh International Airport:

Launched in 2020, xBridge is the proving ground at Pittsburgh International Airport for technologies and startups that address needs in airports and industry today as well as test and incubate strategic technologies that can be deployed in the future. The proof of concept and demo site showcase new technologies in a real operating environment. xBridge is designed to capitalize on the region’s strong technology economy and grow it in the airport to the aviation industry and beyond. xBridge has partnered with companies ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local startups for projects that have tackled air filtration, deployed robotic floor scrubbers, and applied artificial intelligence to security waiting times.

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