Ozobot debuts Bit + Coding Robot

Ozobot debuts Bit + Coding Robot

Next generation Ozobot Bit + robot will be coming soon to select international countries

Newport Beach, California.And the November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/- OzobotToday, the world leader in programmable robotics and STEAM-based learning solutions for K-12 education that empowers the next generation of innovators, debuted today. bit + A feature-packed programmable robot that brings coding and creativity to the classroom and home. An evolution of the original Ozobot Bit robot, the new Bit+ will be available exclusively to international customers starting in the first quarter of 2023.

Filled with new technology and features, Bit+ takes the best of the tried-and-true Bit robot and adds more functionality and utilities, including increased connectivity and battery life, Arduino® compatibility, and a larger and more powerful design.

“The original Bit robot has long been hailed as an alternative to online coding, allowing students to learn coding without screens, using Color Code Markers,” Andy FathallahCEO of Ozobot. “With the new Bit+, students are now able to learn programming online with the Ozobot Blockly, appealing to older students while offering an unparalleled screen-free coding experience, enhanced by the scalability of the Arduino.”

Compared to Ozobot Bit, Next Generation Bit+ features:

  • Double the battery life
  • Arduino® compatibility
  • Firmware updates for upgradeable features (via a USB connection)
  • Ozobot Blockly connection (via USB connection)
  • Battery disconnect switch to extend battery life
  • Larger design with strong polycarbonate shell

Fathalla added: “Bit+ is an impressively exclusive international alternative to our core Evo robot, and we are proud to continue to innovate and deliver products with a purpose, and provide students and educators with technology-enhanced solutions to deliver a seamless STEAM experience.”

Ozobot Bit+ will be available exclusively to customers outside North Amarica Beginning in the first quarter of 2023. Bit + will be sold individually as part of the Bit + Entry Kit and in a batch of 12 as part of the Bit + Classroom Kit.

For sales inquiries, please contact sales@ozobot.com.

About Ozobot

Ozobot is redefining the role of robots in education with award-winning programmable robots, patented screen-free codecs, and STEAM-based learning solutions that transform the way children learn and create in all classes, subjects and environments. Led by a global team of educators, engineers and computer scientists, Ozobot delivers award-winning solutions by integrating innovative product design with leading-edge LMS platforms and emerging technologies, including augmented reality-based learning, powered by Ozobot’s coding platform, Ozobot Blockly, that powers editing software. Its own JavaScript and Python which runs native code on connected devices.

Together with students, educators and parents around the world, Ozobot has become the #1 most trusted robotics platform in education and continues to empower the next generation of innovators to discover new and exciting ways to learn. For more information about Ozobot, please visit ozobot.com.

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