Pacific Systems Interiors signs a lease agreement for fabric drywall finishing robots

Pacific Systems Interiors signs a lease agreement for fabric drywall finishing robots

San Francisco –

Canvas announced today that Pacific Systems Interiors (PSI) recently signed a multi-machine/multi-year lease to deploy drywall finishing machines on projects across Southern California. PSI, headquartered in Los Angeles, has become recognized in the industry for its commitment to leveraging business systems and technologies that will enhance project outcomes for its esteemed clients, including Bank of America, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USC, and many retailers.

PSI company paradoxes include: Federation/Training: PSI maintains a union-trained and highly skilled workforce, and has a strong seat of experienced foremen to expertly navigate any project issues that may arise. based: With more than half a billion jobs under its belt in more than 60 years in business, PSI was among the first wall and roof contractors to utilize lean construction to enhance project efficiencies, particularly during the pre-construction phase. BIM/AR: The company has been an early adopter of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Augmented Reality (AR) to make work more accurate and reduce costly issues in the field. Cooperat: PSI has created a team dedicated to investigating and evaluating new technologies that can enhance project safety, schedule, budget and quality.

“PSI checked all the boxes in search of the ideal Canvas customer,” says Chief Revenue Officer Chris Peterson. “The company has a sophisticated client base that demands precision and quality, and has a highly trained and experienced staff that it wants to retain and protect. PSI also understands that the current landscape of the construction industry will become more competitive in the coming years – due to growing labor shortages, and timelines that are being tracked increasingly rapidly, even tighter budgets – and our robotic drywall finish solution can certainly help.”

“We believe Canvas is the key to revolutionizing wall systems,” says Dino Romero, Vice President of PSI. The drywall business is already operating on very thin margins and that will only get more difficult in this volatile economic environment. We need systems and technologies like Canvas that can give us greater reliability, accuracy, and consistency. The use of Canvas bots will be a key differentiator for innovation for us.”

Romero adds that his teams will use Target’s Level 4 Canvas Spray on a number of upcoming projects, including the Ocean + Cherry project in Long Beach, California, a mixed-use beachfront building that will include a 40-room hotel and 56 apartment/townhouse units.

While the Canvas machine can also provide Level 5 finishes, the Targeted Level 4 spray system only sprays seams to the exact specifications of each seam profile. After system training, PSI Canvas certified designers will use the machine’s camera systems to spot and paint the seams of walls and create spray sections. The operator will then position the machine and instruct it to execute. After one drying cycle (usually 24 hours), the wall will be ready to be sanded.

The Canvas machine is “pretty amazing right now, and Canvas is working on ways to make it even more useful for our teams and projects,” Romero says.


Canvas is a robot builder company on a mission to empower people to build in bold new ways. The Canvas system provides a flexible approach to drywall finishing, combining the skills and experience of trained workers with technology, enabling better, faster, safer, and more consistent drywall finishing work. Canvas has been recognized by Forbes and Fortune on their Best AI and Startups list, respectively, and recently won the Pro Tools Innovation Award for Technology/Robotics. Visit Canvas online at To inquire about our machines, call [email protected]

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