Paula Espejo fundraiser by Tamara Raspberry - Harris: Robert Espejo - lymphoma of the central nervous system

Paula Espejo fundraiser by Tamara Raspberry – Harris: Robert Espejo – lymphoma of the central nervous system

My name is Tamara Rasberry-Harris and I want to tell you about my sister from another master and her husband, Robert Espejo, Sr.

Robert and Paula Espejo met in 2018 and married on September 14, 2019. The couple described themselves as soul mates despite the cliched phrase.

In the first few months of 2020, Robert Espejo began suffering from a series of illnesses that began with frequent vomiting and an inability to eat. After going back and forth to Kaiser Vallejo ER about three times and receiving quick repairs, his wife requested that he be accepted for further testing. The hospital was initially resistant, but Lord knows that there is no greater power than an individual’s intention to secure care for a spouse, parent, or child.

The first few days in the hospital were mind-numbing. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Robert. They eventually determined that he had H-Pylori, a bacterial infection in his stomach. He spent a few more days in the hospital and then went home.

About a month later, he began to feel ill again, and began vomiting again, accompanied by a fever. He was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and hospitalized. After a few days, he was released, and we assumed he would make a recovery, and that his illness would stop for us.

Soon after recovering from walking pneumonia, he woke up with red spots all over his face. Upon returning to the ER, he was determined to have shingles.

Fortunately, shingles was considered mild, and he recovered after two weeks. Soon, Robert woke up to droop on the left side of his face. Robert and Paula immediately went to the emergency room and were diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

Finally, one morning in October of 2021, Robert woke up and could not walk properly. Call the counseling nurse and advise him to go to the emergency room. A CT scan identified a mass in his brain, and he was immediately taken to the hospital.

Several days later, after a CT scan, MRI, and brain biopsy, Robert was diagnosed with lymphoma of the central nervous system (CNS). The MRI showed that he had a large mass (lesion/tumor) on the left side of his brain affecting his right side.

Unfortunately, the first stage of treatment caused a series of problems for Robert. Within the first 24 hours of his infusion, his pancreas was affected and he bled internally. MTR therapy was stopped immediately, with emphasis on stopping the bleeding. He underwent an emergency embolization to stop the bleeding. Due to the condition of his pancreas, he has been prescribed a regiment of oral medications to fight cancer.

Over the next few months, he had several problems, including MRSA infection and sores on the lower part of his legs.

Eventually, Robert began recovering from oral medication, and the family looked forward to a healthier future.

Less than two months later, the cancer came back and became incredibly aggressive. In the weeks before the new diagnosis, Robert was unable to follow some conversations and repeated exact words over and over, all of which were the result of new tumors pressing on the brain. He is now battling four (4) tumors and undergoing the original MTR treatment for eight (8) cycles at the Auckland Kaisers. Due to the latest diagnosis, Robert decided to retire early. It is currently in its fifth (5) cycle, and Robert and Paula remain optimistic by building on their faith

Fortunately, his wife has a great job with great benefits, but co-pays for treatment and bills are over a million dollars. Health insurance covered the majority of the bill; However, every time Robert goes to the hospital, the insurance requires a payment of $500 for the first three days, and after that, the insurance covers the rest. Over the past two years, Robert has been in the hospital more than 28 times.

Anyone who has experienced a catastrophic illness understands the intricacies of the American health care system that still allows those with significant insurance to incur unexpected and unexpected costs.

Since Robert was forced into early retirement due to illness, he and Paula had to bear the cost of health care on one income Lord continues to provide after a month of going back and forth with Paula and Robert, they agreed to open this Go fund for me.

Many of you have asked me how you can help Robert and Paula, so here is my answer: Please donate to their fund. We will keep it open for several weeks. I hope you find it in your hearts to share as much as you can. Honestly, every dollar means a lot and will really help.

As proud people, Robert and Paula find it difficult to communicate, but they are thankful and leave everything that happens to God’s will.

much love,

Tamara Raspberry Harris

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