Pink Christmas trees, figurines and handmade wreaths - interior design trends are set to be big this Christmas

Pink Christmas trees, figurines and handmade wreaths – interior design trends are set to be big this Christmas

Holiday time: Time to dust off the glittery baubles and bows and bring out the festive lights (Photo by Getty Images/Tetra Images RF)

Due to the current economic climate, people across the country are looking for cost-effective ways to decorate their homes and save a little money.

While the wonderful world of social media is full of fashionistas and celebrities, it is also filled with many easy-to-follow, pocket-friendly Christmas decorating videos to inspire everyone. So, if you’re thinking of turning your home into a festive grotto this Christmas, prepare to be enlightened.

A new study he did Christmas Tree World It revealed some of the most popular Christmas indoor trends for 2022. Using search volume on Google and TikTok, the company has revealed what’s in store for this holiday season.

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Grape Christmas wreaths
Christmas wreaths are the biggest indoor trend of 2022, with 2.4 million searches on Google and 4.3 million views on TikTok. Classic Christmas, you can use wreaths as a stand-alone decorative element or go with an old-fashioned door wreath.

In fact, grapevine wreaths, dried flower wreaths, and eucalyptus wreaths were trending with grapevine wreaths alone recording an internet traffic total of 592,600. The berries on the vine are so attractive that no further decoration is needed.

You can easily purchase this natural wreath from a range of florists. However, if you’re feeling crafty, you can build one yourself and customize it with unique items like red berries and pinecones.

Make Christmas perfect for you with personalized wreaths and decorations. (Photo by Milada Vegerova/Christmas Tree World)

personalized advent calendars
DIY current calendars are the second biggest indoor trend this Christmas, with 221,600 searches on Google and 2.7 million views on TikTok. Advent calendars are a staple of the season and help us countdown to the excitement of Christmas Day.

A new trend is making your own DIY advent calendar, where you can buy pre-made advent calendars that you can fill with your favorite Christmas treats. You can stock up on sweets, chocolates, or small toys for children, while for adults, jewelry, hair accessories, or travel-sized grooming products can come in handy.

(Image courtesy of Christmas Tree World)

They flocked to the Christmas trees
Streaming Christmas trees round out the top three indoor trends for the holiday season, with 808,600 searches on Google. The dream of a white Christmas is on most people’s minds during the holiday season, so flocking Christmas trees are the perfect purchase, allowing you to bring the magic of white Christmas into your home.

If you’re not interested in a store-bought tree, you can give your natural tree a flush, which means giving it a snow-covered look by applying a white powder mixture to the branches.

Pink Christmas tree
Emerging as the most popular and popular Christmas tree color of 2022, we have pink, with over 17.5 million hits across Google searches and TikTok. While traditional Christmas decorations never seem to go anywhere, people are always looking for new and creative ways to decorate, and this year pink trees seem to be the new big thing.

Christmas dwarves
Gnomes are also among the big decorating trends for 2022. These pretty dolls and ornaments, often decorated in holiday attire, can be placed on or around the Christmas tree or atop a mantle to liven up your Christmas decorations.

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