Placebo asks fans to stop filming concerts with their phones

Placebo asks fans to stop filming concerts with their phones

As a photographer, I am very grateful that phone cameras exist. However, when I go to concerts, I can’t get over the fact that so many people are watching through their teeny-tiny screens. Not only do they miss the show, but they block the view of all of us behind them.

While I received a lot of hate for My rant about itI’m not the only one who hates all those phones in the air during concerts. In fact, Performers hate her, tooAnd Biran Molko and Stefan Olsdalov-Placebo recently made this very clear.

Scrolling through Facebook earlier today, I came across a post from Placebo asking fans to enjoy the show instead of filming it with their phones. Brian and Stephan specifically cite the same issues I have with concertgoers who spend most parties with phones up in the air.

Dear Placebo Lovers,

We would like to kindly ask you not to spend the party photographing or taking pictures with your mobile phones. It makes the placebo more difficult to perform. It’s hard to connect with you and communicate effectively the emotions of the songs. It’s also disrespectful to your fellow attendees who want to see the show, not the back of your phone. Please be here and now in the present and enjoy the moment. Because this exact moment will never be repeated. Our aim is to create company and transcendence. Please help us in our mission. With respect and love.


Brian and Stefan

Dear Placebo Lovers, We would like to kindly ask you not to spend the ceremony filming the ceremony or taking pictures with your mobile phone…

Posted by placebo on me Thursday, November 17, 2022

Reading this post, I thought to myself – Heck yeah! I remembered a guy at Roger Water’s party who started shooting with him Waved. I also thought about that 6’7″ dude at The Cure party who spent the entire time with the phone in his hand…even though he was blocking the view for the shorter among us anyway. 🙂


Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against taking some photos and videos as a keepsake, especially if the light is good. Serbian singer-songwriter Nikola Franjković comes to mind here because the lighting on his shows is absolutely perfect! I’m usually in the front row when I’m listening to him and his band, so I tend to take a few shots because I can’t resist the cool lighting. But I don’t take videos and I don’t spend most of my time at concerts with my phone in hand. It would be a shame With music like thisand I also don’t like being a nuisance to those behind me.

As I mentioned in the introduction, many artists don’t like it when fans film their concerts with phones and there are various reasons for that. Like a placebo, some don’t have fun Non-contact This results. Others hate phone camera flash many people resident do not know how to turn off. By the way, Nicola is one of them, and he has no problem calling you if you shine your phone light in his eyes. Some musicians do not want to publish concert material without a license. However the others are… well, Just upsetwithout telling us why.

Whatever the reason, I believe we must respect the performers and the code of conduct they set for their performances. If they don’t want you to shoot concerts or they are Explicitly forbidden – respect that. And even if it is allowed, I recommend taking a few photos as souvenirs and enjoying the music with all your heart for the rest of the night.

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