Plus One Robotics parcel handling solutions recognized by DHL Logistics Directional Radar

Plus One Robotics parcel handling solutions recognized by DHL Logistics Directional Radar

San Antonio, Texas

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Plus One for Roboticsa global solution provider for a vision-enhanced, AI-based parcel processing platform for logistics applications, today announced that PickOne induction solution And the there The Remote Stewardship Program has been recognized by DHL Logistics Trend Radar 6.0, a thought leadership publication and strategy tool that includes key trends affecting the logistics industry.

Trend Radar lists PickOne’s induction solution below static robots – picking and placing bots; Considered as relevant and influencing the future of logistics. Also classified by DHL under Telework and teleportationYonder is recognized for its human capabilities in the ring to protect remote logistics operations from being interrupted.

“DHL is a leader in innovative automation solutions in the logistics industry,” said Robert Nelson, Chief Revenue Officer, Plus One Robotics. “To have our parcel handling solutions recognized in their Logistics Direction Radar as having a significant impact on the future of logistics is an honor. We are committed to improving our solutions every day and appreciate this recognition.”

PickOne’s induction solution uses artificial intelligence to identify objects for pick and place applications. When the AI ​​cannot recognize objects, the human remote receives an alert message via the Yonder human-in-the-Loop supervisor program and can access and control the robotic arm from a remote service center. The AI ​​system learns from this intervention to improve its capabilities if similar situations occur in the future, helping to reduce downtime.

According to Trend Radar, this collaboration between AI and humans points to the potential to create new jobs through widespread implementation of robotic solutions in warehouses and manufacturing environments by improving the skills of existing workers.

“DHL’s Logistics Trend Radar was created to provide a comprehensive overview of the most significant innovations in logistics with short-term and long-term impact, such as Plus One Robotics,” said Ben Perelson, Senior Director of Innovation at DHL. “I have seen firsthand how Plus One’s PickOne and Yonder solutions can improve operational efficiency and I look forward to seeing how they continue to improve the capabilities of these robotic systems in the years to come.”

Plus One Robotics has been recognized as the fastest and most reliable package-handling robotics platform, picking over 500,000,000 packages Worldwide, currently an industry-leading scale.

PickOne’s induction solution provides enhanced picking and placement of mixed parcels, bags and products for high volume e-commerce fulfillment and distribution centers. Award-winning AI vision software easily sorts and classifies new packaging shapes and types, boosting productivity rates while minimizing downtime.


Plus One Robotics provides the world’s fastest and most reliable package handling robotics platform. Founded in 2016 by industry experts in robotics and computer vision, Plus One’s intelligent solutions combine computer vision, artificial intelligence, and supervised autonomy to pick packages for the Global 100’s leading logistics and e-commerce organizations. Plus One is headquartered in San Antonio with offices in Boulder, California. Pittsburgh and the Netherlands. visiting For more information, follow us on linkedinAnd the TwitterAnd the YouTubeAnd the Facebook.

Plus One Robotics package handling platform recently achieved 500 of themThe tenth A million choices.

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