Primary school students enjoying robots |  art and entertainment

Primary school students enjoying robots | art and entertainment

The Supreme Ventures Foundation (SVF) and Halls of Learning recently organized Junior Creators Robotics Camp at Ardenne High School. The camp saw elementary school children – ages eight to 11 – experience designing, building, and operating Lego and robotic engineering while learning the value of teamwork and having fun.

Students from Independence City Primary School, Waterford Primary School, St. Francis Primary School and children from state care participated in this year’s stage.

“The fact that the camp keeps up with current events and offers something new to keep the kids interested is something I really appreciate. However, seeing how these kids were able to work together on projects and learn how to socialize, echoing ideas about each other, shows that this is a skill they can use “Our Foundation continues to have the honor to be a part of this life-changing journey,” said Heather Goldson, Director of the Special Voluntary Fund.

She added the motivation behind the camp initiative. “The camp’s goal is to introduce students to robotics while promoting a sense of achievement and teamwork at the same time. We also wanted to provide scholarship opportunities to teach children in schools, something that is not unusual for our organization to do as part of our mission.”

The camp witnessed different “educational” activities on different days in which the children were able to participate. Not only did they participate in the STEM fields of robotics, coding, engineering, and computer science, but also in life-changing sessions with gaming partner SV officials, RISE Life Management, who conducted a self-empowering session with the campers. Justbet ambassador Fraser McConnell interacted with the camp.

The camp ended with an awards ceremony where the campers received recognition for excellence in various categories. The categories included Best Husband, Best Standing, Trolley Award and, finally, Outstanding Achievers, recipients of Supreme Ventures Education Scholarships.

“We are very proud of the children who participated. Seeing how attracted and engaged they are in the activities showed that there is hope for our country in the future. What we are doing is inspiring a paradigm shift in the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs and endorsing other career paths that branch out from robotics,” said the Communications Director and Public Relations at SVL, Chloleen Daley-Muschett.

Marvin Hall, founder of Hall of Learning, thanked SVF for their ongoing partnership and commented on the overall implementation of the camp.

successful camp

“Once again we had another successful camp, thanks to Supreme Ventures. After our break due to COVID-19, it was very refreshing to see the camp paying off. It was satisfying to see how well the kids were doing. They were participating in different activities daily and were able to On reaping a lot in the past few days.We found that the camps, with children’s awareness, also stimulated their minds because they are all glued with activities.Thanks to the team, it was really a team effort to successfully implement this year’s camp.

“A special aspect of this year’s camp is two former junior creatives joining the Halls of Learning team to help facilitate the camp. This is a testament to the impact the SV has made since the start of this initiative. I am looking forward to another year where we can only get better.” .

He also stressed the importance of robotics to the country: “People should know [that] Robots permeate every part of our lives, and we can’t help but be affected by them in some way. These days, ATMs, cashiers, drones, autonomous cars, and autopilots are commonplace. It is necessary to deal with the times.”

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