Prisoner of party bugs and killer bots of san fran and other comments

Prisoner of party bugs and killer bots of san fran and other comments

China’s Victory: Captive of the Party’s Mistakes

protests in china, Jay Sorman notes in City JournalClarify the limits of all authoritarian regimes. The first: “The system does not admit mistakes.” Thus, “Xi Jinping cannot admit his mistake with Zero Covid. On the contrary, he can only strengthen adherence to his policy,” though it will never work. Second, “Chinese leaders analyzed the fall of communism in Europe in minute detail, and drew the lesson: “To perpetuate their power, they must always instill fear—or indeed increase fear through tighter control over the population,” because the public will see any reform as recognition. Weakened.” Xi “is ultimately a man of appearances at the mercy of a palace revolution within the Communist Party — an unlikely outcome of a zero-Covid impasse.” “Totalitarian regimes never evolve. They fall all at once, rotting from the inside and succumbing to strife between the leaders,” so “in the short term, the suppression of local uprisings will become more severe.”

Economic Desk: Free Markets 100% American

Donald Trump has “shattered the positive views of free markets that have held since the presidency of Ronald Reagan,” Samuel Gregg argues in Spectator World“Senators like Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley, and soon-to-be J.D. Vance regularly play the equivalence between patriotism and economic nationalism.” Indeed, “many free-market advocates seem uncomfortable broaching issues such as national cohesion,” which fuels the feeling that “economic nationalists care more about America than their opponents.” However, the “moral and political foundations underlying American capitalism” had been “coined by eighteenth-century philosophers such as Adam Smith and key Founding Fathers such as George Washington”, and the “commercial republican model” they sought should remind “America’s conservatives are not supposed to be a European social democracy.

Media Watch: Take the New York Times’ Bizarre Anti-Semitism

Michelle Goldberg, New York Times columnist credits Its “privilege” of not feeling threatened by “the resurgence of anti-Semitism under Trump”. So “it must be a privilege, then” Snores from Fed David HarsaniIt explains how a New Yorker could write an entire column in a New York newspaper about the resurgence of anti-Semitism during the “Trump era” without once mentioning “some anti-Semitism” in its hometown. It may be inappropriate to state that in progressive New York, “the perpetrators of violence against Jews are predominantly black or Hispanic.” However, Goldberg easily denigrates “villain of the age” Elon Musk by claiming to repeat an “old anti-Semitic trope” when he calls retired Jewish army officer Alexander Vindman “a puppet and a puppeteer”.

An Eye on Crime: San Fran’s Killer Bots

It says something about San Francisco’s political culture and governance that, in just a few years, the city can go from enthusiastically embracing dramatic police budget cuts, to embracing recapitalizing the police, to now embracing Police robots are equipped and empowered to use deadly force“,” Marvel’s National Review, Jim Geraghty, citing a tweet by the district supervisor announcing approval for policemen to use the devices. “Was there really so little political space between ‘abolishing the police’ and simulating the bad guys from RoboCop? Can we try spreading some robots on the street first?”

Libertarian: Biden’s big-spending folly

President Biden’s “continuous spending spree” has made the “consequences of excessive government spending” more apparent than “at any time in recent history,” Jonathan Bidlack smiles at Reason. While “the base went out the window” when former President Perez Donald Trump “charged the national debt,” it is “shocking” that “hardly anyone cares about Biden’s spending, even given historical inflation.” Big-cost items include the US bailout bill, which “cost $1.8 trillion,” the much-vaunted “infrastructure investment and jobs law” for “another $765 billion; and the Central Bank of Oman estimates its total enforcement actions to be $532 billion.” Others.” Instead of fixing the “terrible financial trends” that began under Trump, “Biden is continuing to implement one of Trump’s worst legacies.”

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