“Quick” DIY jobs to “inject new life” into your bathroom without “breaking the bank”

“Quick” DIY jobs to “inject new life” into your bathroom without “breaking the bank”

Home improvements can be expensive and may not be high on people’s priority list in light of the cost of living crisis. However, if you are looking to sell your home or make some changes to it, it might be worth considering updating the bathroom as it is often considered one of the most important rooms. An updated bathroom can also add value to a home.

Michael Rowland, DIY expert and managing director at The Paint Shed, has shared some budget-friendly ways Brits can renovate a bathroom without ‘breaking the bank’.

The pro explained: “Painting tiles is a quick way to give your bathroom new life without spending a lot of money.

“However, it is not a simple task like painting a wall and requires proper manual cleaning and preparation, as well as the right tools and paint in order to ensure a professional look that will last a few years.”

To do this, deep clean the tiles to help remove any existing mold and mildew and sand them down to create a smooth surface. Next, protect surfaces near the tiles such as windows and furniture before priming the tiles and painting them with the appropriate paint.

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Michael added: “It’s important to decide first if the toilet seat, toilet paper holder, shelves/storage/cupboards or mirror needs replacement, either because it’s broken or just dated.

“Replacing them can transform the look of your bathroom at no cost. Toilet seats are so easy to come by, you’ve probably noticed a section for them in every department store you’ve ever visited.”

“If you are looking for something durable a plastic toilet seat is a good option, it is generally sturdy and long lasting which means you get more for your money.

They also come in a wider range of colors which means that depending on the paint color you choose, you can have a toilet seat that matches the rest of your bathroom, tying the aesthetic together.

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“Make sure you measure the right size, nothing spoils the neat look of a bathroom more than an oversized toilet seat.”

Just like tiles, cabinets can also be painted or revamped with some new knobs. Homeowners can also add some shelves to the bathroom if space allows for plants and accessories.

Added the DIY expert, “Just because a bathroom mirror is your most practical mirror, there’s no need to sacrifice style for all-out functionality. Swap out your bathroom mirror for a different shape or colorful frame, treat it like a piece of art.”

If the bathroom is not well ventilated, grout can sometimes start to yellow and mold and mildew can build up. Mold can make a bathroom look old and dirty, even if it’s been cleaned regularly.

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Michael said the mold-prone areas are around the bathroom, shower, and sink. This is because these areas are most likely to be wet due to runoff.

Rather than opting to clean this way, which may work in the short term, a DIY professional advised homeowners to reseal the deck, and there are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to do it.

The pro continued, “To avoid mold growing again in the future, homeowners should choose a mold-resistant sealant.

“Another aspect of a bathroom that can make a room look unloved is smeared or smeared grout. You can easily touch up the grout with a grout pen which will bring it back to life.”

“If you’re painting your own tiles, it’s recommended that you wait at least seven days before doing so, to ensure that the paint has completely hardened and dried.”

If not all areas of the bathroom are tiled, adding a soft touch of paint is a great option to help the room look fresh as well as hide any stains or marks.

If this is a DIY job you want to do, it’s important to choose a mildew-resistant, wipeable paint to make sure it’s suitable for the bathroom.

“Now is the time for those little touches that make your bathroom look and feel so homey,” said the DIY expert.

Maidenhair ferns and spiders not only hold moisture well, but also provide a pleasant scent which is crucial to any bathroom.

“The spider plant is timeless and has been used in bathrooms since toilets were moved from your backyard into the house. It is good looking and space conscious which makes it a great plant to have on your bathroom window sill.

“It should stay moist from spring into summer and be a little drier as fall and winter roll in.”

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