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Real life witch reveals tips for easy Halloween preparation and DIY spells

Halloween is fast approaching with people all over the world Prepare their fashionDecorate their homes and buy lots of candy for potential trick-or-treaters before October 31st.

But it is also a sacred time of year for spiritual practitioners, including witches who see Halloween, or Samhain as it is sometimes called, their own version of New Year’s Eve.

pronounced win winThe holiday has its roots in pagan Celtic history which saw people celebrate the end of the summer harvest by lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off spirits believed to return to the land of the living during the three-day festival.

Many traditions have been carried over into the modern era, such as dressing and making Jack-O-Lanterns, says practicing witch Emma Carney. Newsweek.

Halloween is here, and real-life witch Emma Carney (included) shares her best tips on how to do the most popular traditions, like casting DIY spells and carving lanterns, the easy way with Newsweek.
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“Halloween or Samhain – as we call it in the witchcraft community – is the time period nearing the end of the year’s wheel when we reach October 31,” she said. “Samhain is the point where the nights are at their darkest, the veil between worlds is thin and spirits can roam again, not only that, it’s the Witches’ New Year.”

Carney co-founded witch and spiritual website, Digital Coven with her best friend AJ in 2018 and said Halloween was a time to tap into your intuition.

“This is where you’re most at ease, especially if you’re a Scorpio as Halloween falls in the Scorpio astrological season,” she said. “Some of us feel the energies of spirits as they come and go, we can celebrate the cycle of life and death as the year of wizards and nature goes by.”

Carney added: “Samhain has its roots in Celtic practices, particularly in Ireland. We have the legend of Stingy Jack and how he led to the creation of Jack-O-Lantern, bonfires would be lit and costumes worn to ward off unwanted spirits.”

It broke the history of some popularity Halloween traditions Which is based on “historically performed rituals that we still do today,” and made some great hacks for Halloween if you haven’t been able to do it all this year.


icon HalloweenCarved pumpkins filled with candles to bring an ominous feel to any home.

“I have used these for centuries to light the way home to family spirits and ward off unwanted energies,” Carney explained, noting that the sculpting process should begin with a directed intention. “As you carve your own pumpkin, you can make it a ritual. Enjoy the incense and music as you transform the pumpkin into a protective pavilion for the evening.”

But if you don’t have the energy or ability to carve a pumpkin this year?

No energy or ability to carve a pumpkin?

“That’s good,” Carney said. “You can use any tea lights or candles that can also work, [and] This time of year, you can have some really cool pumpkin shaped candle holders that can do the job and look great. “

cake spirit

Also known as mass spirit cake, these shortbread-like cookies are handed out as a way to memorialize the dead.

“Soul cakes are generally a gift to spirits and can be left as offerings on Samhain night,” said Carney. “If baking isn’t for you, get your favorite cookies or biscuits and some decorating pens. Simply add some sigils or names for the dearly departed you leave for them.”

DIY bout protection

Carney has shared the perfect protection spell for any “child witch” in hopes of working in the spiritual realm and is the perfect Halloween spell to protect against any spirits trying to cross into our world.

Carney recommends using Smells Salem A candle from Ginger Ray to do the spell because 100 percent of the proceeds go to Women’s Aid to help end domestic violence against women and children.


Light the candle and take five deep breaths. Once your breathing has calmed, engage in some ‘witching’ thinking and begin to visualize what you wish to attract and protect in your life or the negativity you wish to banish.

“If you want to level up the ritual (and make it Witchy AF), you can write it down on paper to burn and destroy at the end of the ritual to release the energy. Once you have established your intention, recite these powerful affirmations as a candle burning through aromatherapy.”

Smell 1: Frog tongue

“This space is mine, this space is free, this space is safe.

Any energy I do not allow cannot enter.

This space is mine. This space is free, this space is safe.”

“Imagine the smoke from a candle flame detoxifying and letting you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Try opening the windows to help the negative energy flow out!” says Carney.

Aroma 2: sea dew

“I don’t chase, I attract and what I attract is positive.”

Carney’s tip: “Take deep breaths and visualize a bright white light surrounding you. With every breath, absorb that positive light and with every exhale, push out the negative energy. Ah, feel it!”

Aroma 3: Hestia’s Blood

“My borders are firm and the walls are high. The gate can open for good.”

“This is the perfect time for a cleansing shower to get rid of all the negativity from the outside world,” says Carney. “You can use lavender or chamomile oils in your bath to help promote meditation, protection, and intuitive dreams.”

Aroma 4: Sprite leaf

“I am open and ready to attract and receive all the love and abundance the universe has to offer. And so it is!”

Carney notes, “Lavender is a great way to end this ritual because it’s an ideal sleep aid. Burn the candle while performing a bedtime routine like skincare or meditation to encourage psychic dreams and guide sleep.”

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