Robotic surgery at the Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology Center offers women options

Robotic surgery at the Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology Center offers women options

BPregnancy, childbirth, treatment for uterine fibroids, and undergoing a hysterectomy are all part of a woman’s health. Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology (Olympia OBGYN) With you all the way. Our team of physicians (MD), certified nurse midwives (CNM), and advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) are dedicated to helping you and your body through life’s changes. When problems arise that warrant surgery, you are literally in good hands.

Robotic surgery offers women options for care

Dr. Daryl Bell has been performing robot-assisted surgery since 2015. Image courtesy: Olympia OB-GYN

Robotic applications are now a mainstream approach. The robot does not perform the surgery – the machine is the surgeon’s tool. Dr. Daryl Bell, one of the physicians and associates at Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, works from a console six feet away from his patient. Bill uses his eyes, arms, hands, and feet to operate technology that contains lights, cameras, and surgical instruments. It’s a bit like flying an airplane, and requires training, skill, and education. “Muscle memory is coordinated over time,” adds Bell, who has performed robot-assisted surgery since 2015.

Early incarnations of robotic surgery were created to treat traumatic injuries on the battlefield while doctors were safely away from the front. While it is possible to operate over a long distance, more effective strategies have prevailed on the battlefield. However, research and development has continued to give us what is today an amazing tool that augments the surgeon’s skill and perception.

“There has been gradual adoption with more and more surgeons doing this,” says Bell. At first, there were many skeptics, but time and experience changed minds. In fact, some ancient surgeons have been revitalized with new technology. “It’s now a normal part of medical care,” he says. As more companies build machines for surgery, there is hope for lower overall costs.

Olympia OBGYN da vinci robotic surgery
“The robot allows me to see blood vessels that I might not see before I cut them, which is amazing,” says Bell. Image courtesy: Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology

Minimally invasive surgery, like robotic surgery, uses smaller incisions, facilitating a faster recovery. This can mean less time in the hospital, less time away from work and less lost wages. More traditional hysterectomies require a three- to six-inch incision and four to six weeks of discomfort. Laparoscopic surgery achieves the same goal, but robots add another level of sophistication to those complex cases.

3D imaging gives the surgeon better information. The tremor filter allows for flawless accuracy. Robotic arms could be articulated as well or better than a human wrist. “The robot allows me to see blood vessels that I might not see before I cut them, which is amazing,” says Bell.

Olympia OBGYN offers precise robotic technology for women’s operations

Robotic-assisted surgery is an excellent option for some women’s health issues. It is used in some hysterectomies, ovarian surgeries, and endometriosis. “Robots offer a gentle touch,” says Bell. “Technology is really useful.” He jokes, “There is no button for a hysterectomy.” The surgeon is still essential to success.

Bill mentions the differences between a mobile phone and a smartphone regarding text messaging. New technology could make surgery easier. I think about the images we first got from the Hubble Telescope and compare them to the images from the James Webb Space Telescope. The images from Hubble were amazing. Its successor, Webb, goes beyond what Hubble did. Robots amplify anatomy so we can see it better. This is the beauty of science and technology.

Dr. Bell at Olympia Maternity Hospital sits next to the automated control center
Robotics is a powerful and accurate tool, allowing more women to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Image courtesy: Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology

Surgery is serious business. “All surgeries are excellent,” says Bell. People are unique, as are their situations. Considerations are based on the anatomy, the ultimate goal of the patient, and the operation. It may be to reduce pain, return to work, or correct a problem. “Surgeries have risks and benefits. Robotics is a powerful and precise tool, allowing more women to perform minimally invasive surgery. People need to understand that even when external evidence, such as incision marks, is very small, there has been a lot of activity inside the body. Usually What lasts more fatigue than any pain. It still takes time to recover.”

Doctors and midwives work together at Olympia Maternity Hospital to provide the best healthcare

Olympia OBGYN serves women in our community from adolescence to past menopause. The diverse group of providers is able to work with patients individually and as a team, depending on the patient’s needs. Doctors and midwives work together to provide seamless services. Midwives and nurse practitioners can handle many things from routine wellness check-ups to minor issues. However, if things get complicated, a doctor’s expertise is usually just a few steps down the hall. “It’s super caring on both sides,” says Bell. “It’s really high quality and unique care.”

Whether you’re going through a pregnancy or deciding if surgery is necessary, the Olympia OBGYN caregivers are there to help you.

Call for an appointment at 360-413-8413 or go to Olympia Obstetrics and Gynecology website for more information.

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