Robotics in Medical Devices Sees Highest Growth Contribution From North America - GlobalData Plc

Robotics in Medical Devices Sees Highest Growth Contribution From North America – GlobalData Plc

Robotics in Medical Devices, 2021 Update – Objective Research

London, UK, November 1, 2022 / – The latest market release titled Robotics in Medical Devices – Thematic Research has been added to the Report Store by GlobalData Plc. The growing popularity of robotics in the medical device sector is driven by artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The increasing number of surgeries is driving the robotics market. Medical robotics is a rapidly growing field in the medical device industry. The surgical robotics segment is the market leader. According to the forecasts of GlobalData, the surgical robots market will total US$4.6 billion in 2020 globally.

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Value chain insights into medical devices about robotics

This report examines robotics in the components of the medical device value chain:

• Precision mechanical parts
• Semiconductors

• machine intelligence

robot manufacturing
Caged industrial robots
• Industrial joint robots
• Logistics robots
• Medical robots
• exoskeleton
Consumer robots
• Drones
• Inspect, clean and maintain robots
• Field robots
• Defense and Security Robots

bots as a service
• Cloud robots

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Robots in the medical device trends

This report covers the main trends shaping the subject of robotics over the next 12 to 24 months:

technology trends
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• edge computing
• Cyber ​​Security
• Industrial Internet
• Cloud robots
• Robotics Centers of Excellence (CoEs)
• Open Process Automation (OPA)
• Lightweight design, less work with more
• Customizable bots
• Soft and self-healing robots

Medical Robotics Trends
• Surgical robots
• Take care of robots
• Population aging
• COVID-19
Macroeconomic trends
• China
• Japan
• Europe
• The future of work
• Diversification of the industry

Regulatory trends
• US regulations
• European regulations
• Regulatory landscape in China
• APAC Regulations
• Professional Ethics

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Robotics companies in medical devices

• Aethon: Mobile Aethon robots deliver medicines directly through the hospital and nursing units. It supports the safe delivery of pharmacy medications, lab samples, and heavy loads such as meals and linens.

• Cyberdyne: Cyberdyne is a leading Japanese exoskeleton manufacturer. The company has also developed lower back waist supports for workers required to regularly lift heavy goods.

• Ekso Bionics: The company designs, develops and markets exoskeletons for the medical, industrial and military markets. The company’s exoskeletons are worn over the user’s clothing, allowing individuals with neurological conditions that affect walking to walk again.

• FANUC: FANUC is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots in the world. Its production capacity is 11,000 units, and in 2021 it produced 750,000 robots. The company’s sales were initially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but quickly rebounded. FANUC uses sensors, analytics, and the cloud to provide continuous service to its customers by anticipating equipment and process problems and arranging for automatic parts replacement.

• Globus: The company offers implantable devices, biosimilars, accessories, and surgical instruments used in various spinal, orthopedic, and neurosurgery procedures. It also provides intelligent computer-assisted systems designed to improve the capabilities of surgeons and simplify surgical procedures.
• HollySys
• Honda
• Intuitive surgery
• iRobot
• Johnson & Johnson
• Keyence
• Nepetsco
• Omnicell
• Omron
• ReWalk Robotics
• Rockwell Automation
• Siasun Robot & Automation
• Striker
• Toyota

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