Robots are stealing our jobs

Robots are stealing our jobs

Robots are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Usually machines are replacing workers in factories, and artificial intelligence systems are slowly replacing human artists and designers. photo from photography Lenny Kon on me Unsplash.

You may be familiar with Sophia, the humanoid robot who guest starred Jimmy Falun Show. She had basic conversations with Fallon and showed emotional reactions to what he was saying. Sure, the technology behind its intelligence and its imitation of human behavior is amazing, but is that something we should be worried about? If the robotic engineers stopped producing Sophia replicas, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, the opposite happens.

Many are skeptical about the production of human-like robots. sixty one Percent of people are uncomfortable with robots, according to Brookings surveys. However, society continues to witness a constant and increasing prevalence of automation and artificial intelligence. Abigail Adams from People The magazine reported how Elon Musk unveiled his latest humanoid robot called “Optimus” at Tesla’s 2022 Artificial Intelligence Day. The robot would only walk, wave and dance in front of its audience, but Musk promises that this robot will be mass-produced and replaced.”Difficult, dangerous and repetitive” Careers.

Optimus and similar robots can force people to quit their jobs. Since robots require no salary, no vacation, and no healthcare, this seems like a better option for large companies when compared to human labour. However, for the general population who need their labor to feed themselves and their families, they may be at risk of homelessness, starvation and a constant battle for survival. Even automated but not human-intelligent self-checkouts — which are increasingly popping up in stores across the US — pose a major problem because they eliminate the need for human cashiers.

I think human intelligence will always be much better than artificial intelligence. Humans are emotional, rational, and instinctive thinkers. Even the simple act of checking groceries and occasionally having a short chat with the cashier is a nice thing – a quick greeting and a friendly smile. If something does not work in the register, then the cashier or someone else will quickly sort it out, while if something goes wrong in the self-propelled process, it will be frozen and human help is called. This adds extra steps and more discomfort and is much less ethical for those who make a living as cashiers.

Robots are already widely used in production-based jobs. If these trends continue, any job that can be automated will be automated. photo from photography own photography on me Unsplash.

Moreover, if these types of machines can replace human labor, imagine what human-like robots could do. Treasurers can not only lose their jobs, they may also lose it military personnelCouriers, customer service managers, security guards, receptionists and even doctors. Imagine if something went wrong with a medical procedure, who would take responsibility? What will this robot say to the loved ones of his patient? What about robots in the army? Humans are sensitive and empathetic. They can find ways to resolve the conflict. However, bots may only follow commands. If the bots suddenly stop processing these commands, conflict could escalate and there could be serious consequences.

CEOs are extreme capitalists and bots work tirelessly in big companies, with no need for breaks, no safety regulations and no pay required. If something needs mass production quickly, robots are seen as the solution. However, humans bring new ideas to our ever-changing world, and we collaborate with each other and understand what we need. We are not careless machines that just work as we are told. If there is a problem with a product, someone will speak up. Humans evaluate each other’s work and provide feedback to ensure quality. If, for example, Amazon fired all human workers and only worked on bots, I think the company would collapse. For example, if bots deliver packets to incorrect addresses, they will not be able to sort that on their own. They will continue to deliver packages, but people will become aggrieved, harassed, demand refunds, and may stop buying from Amazon if packages continue to be delivered wrongly. Now, that’s just one aspect, imagine if robots were following orders to manufacture a defective product, mass-producing it. No one would buy it, and if they did, the company would face refunds, complaints, and even lawsuits. On the other hand, humans will notice it, say something to their supervisor, and immediately correct the problem. Robots alone are not capable of this. Large companies will actually benefit and benefit more from human labor because even though we need breaks, salaries, vacations, and health care, we know each other. We know what we think and what we want and need.

I think robots are unpredictable. The entertainment industry is basically predicting what could happen in the future with movies like “The Terminator”. I agree that automation takes the stress out of little humans, like iRoomba to clean or Alexa to answer questions. But by no means should a line of robots replace human labour, nor should we encourage the production of human-like robots.

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