Robots make french fries faster

Robots make french fries faster

fried Foods like french fries and onion rings are becoming high tech thanks to a Southern California company.

Miso Robotics Inc launched its Flippy 2. Robot automation The process of frying foods such as potatoes and onions.

The robot uses a large robotic arm like those used in car factories. directed by cameras and Artificial intelligence. She takes frozen french fries and other foods from the freezer, puts them in hot oil, and then puts them ready to serve in a bowl.

Flippy 2 can cook multiple meals with different cooking processes at the same time. Miso says this reduces the need for staff and speeds up the time people get their food in car windows.

Miso CEO Mike Bell said that when an order comes through the restaurant system, it automatically tells Flippy what to do.

Bell added, “She does it faster or more accuratelymore in confidence and happier than most people do.”

French fries prepared by the Flippy 2 robot are seen at manufacturer Miso Robotics Inc’s lab in Pasadena, California on September 27, 2022 in this screen from a Reuters video. (Sandra Stojanovic/Reuters TV via Reuters)

Miso said it took five years to develop Flippy. This bot has recently been made available to businesses to purchase.

The name of the robot comes from an earlier robot named Flippi. Flippy is designed to flip fast burgers. But once the Miso team finished this machine, they saw a greater need at the frying station, especially late at night.

Bill said people do Notice Flippy 2 – but only in the beginning.

He said that when they put a robot somewhere, the buyers who come in and ask, “They all take pictures, take videos, and ask.” Package From the questions and the second time they come in, it seems they didn’t even notice.”

Miso engineers can watch the Flippy 2 bots in action in real time on the screen. This allows them to deal with any problems that arise. Several restaurants chains I started using the automatic frying cooker. Bell said they include Jack in the Box in San Diego, California, White Castle in the Midwest and Cali Burger on the West Coast.

Bell said three other large US fast-food chains have put Flippi to work. But he said they were unsure whether it would be announced because some people might have opinions about robots taking jobs from humans.

The jobs humans are most happy to take off, Bell said, are jobs like a frying station. He added that workers are happy to get help so they can do other things.

Miso Robotics has about 90 engineers. They are working on a new technology or they are working on a computer language. SEBI is one of the company’s upcoming projects. Sippy is a beverage making robot that will take an order from a buyer and prepare the drinks, including preparing things like a lid and a straw.

Bill said that in the future, people would walk into a restaurant and look at a robot and say, “Hey, remember the old days when humans did this kind of thing?”

“And those days… they are coming… it’s just a matter of… how fast.”

I’m Gregory Statel.

Reuters staff reported this story. Gregory Statel adapted it for VOA Learning English.


The words in this story

automationFifth. To operate or operate (something, such as a factory or system) using machines or computers rather than people to do the work

Artificial intelligence n. The field of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to appear to have human intelligence

precise characteristic. Free from bugs or errors

trusted characteristic. Can be trusted to do or provide for what is required

Notice Fifth. Perceive (something or someone) through vision or hearing

Package n. A large amount

series n. A group of companies (such as stores, restaurants, or hotels) that have the same name and basic appearance and sell the same products or services


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