Rolife offers DIY miniature house and other hand tools

Rolife offers DIY miniature house and other hand tools

rolife, a company based in Salem, New Jersey, that focuses on the design, production and sale of craft kits, such as DIY miniature house and snap figure dolls. Rolife is a positive company that offers products that can help people relieve the stress that often accompanies modern life, while adding more beauty to their lives. Each of these products conforms to the concept of slow life to let people enjoy the many amazing details about life and in the process, avoid the stress of fast life, which is common in modern life. It can help stimulate imagination and creativity.

One of their main products is the DIY miniature home where each home tells a story and brings a scene to life. Each miniature house is detailed and contains different details of a real-life scene or situation or even one’s concept of paradise or dream. People can enjoy building these miniature homes where the details tell a story. People can experience the fun and happiness of building their dream home, albeit in miniature form, and then share their own stories behind it with their loved ones and friends. They can also be given as gifts to family and friends.

One example of a DIY miniature home from Rolife is the Rolife Sakura Densya Book Nook Shelf Insert TGB01. With this book corner, people can imagine riding a Japanese train and exploring the streets of Tokyo. After the artwork is completed, this book corner will make a beautiful representation of what the streets look like in Tokyo during the spring. It is designed as a book corner that can be used to decorate a bookshelf or any other space in the house. Details of this book corner include a tram that passes over the Iron Bridge with cherry blossom trees nearby. There is also a riverside library with two lamps, both outside and inside, to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Meanwhile, they also present Rolife dolls as a surprise. And it is a surprise doll because one will never know what a doll is until the box is opened. These dolls can be added to a miniature world or collection. One such example is Rolife Nanci in The Age of Twelve Surprise Figure Dolls. In the box there are 12 beautiful 12-year-old girls who are enjoying a comfortable and carefree life and exuding joy and happiness. One doll shows Nancy with her eyes closed and her head tilted as she blows bubbles. This is part of the Robolife collection of Nanci series new Chinese style dolls. These dolls represent girls at the age of 12 because in ancient China, it is the age when young girls thrive and enjoy their free time while reading in the morning, eating snacks, playing with cats, secretly putting on makeup, etc. .

Rolife is a sub-brand of Robotime® dedicated to exploring the endless possibilities of life and developing a creative and cultural brand that includes creative DIY, fun garage kits, and stylish gifts. They promote the art of slow living where people slow things down to appreciate what they have and the world around them, allowing themselves to lead a more balanced and meaningful life. By adopting the concept of slow life, people are able to free themselves from the fast pace of life. In 2019, Rolife introduced the Nanci BlaBox series, which has become very popular in East Asian countries, such as Japan, China and South Korea. Currently, they focus on creating DIY products for different kinds of people so that customers can experience the happiness of doing DIY kits assembly. They offer free delivery to anywhere, all over the world.

Those interested in learning more about our handmade kits can check out the Rolife website, contact them by phone or email, or visit Rolife Facebook page.


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