Rosie on the House: DIY Hybrid Project Management

Rosie on the House: DIY Hybrid Project Management

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Last week, we looked at the early stages of a DIY project. This week we’ll discuss what the initial steps for hybrid decor look like.

First, when Rosie talks about a hybrid project, he’s referring to a DIY project that involves a professional for parts of the project you might not feel comfortable taking on yourself.


As mentioned in our previous article on DIY, under Precautions, it is important to evaluate the DIY project in detail and realistically scrutinize your skill set.

Having completed that spirited, soul-searching and often humbling task, you have realized the gaps in your skill set(s). Take this knowledge and decide which business partners you will need when completing your planning process. You should also be aware of the many training services available, such as a general contractor who is willing to guide you when you have questions.

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DIY homeowners typically reach out to HVAC professionals, electrical and plumbing professionals to help complete skill sets that some of us don’t have. Be sure to reach out to all trades on your project such as drywall, paint, flooring, etc. for guidance.

Having said that, don’t assume that all contractors are willing to “split” the work. For example, some plumbing or flooring contractors will not install fixtures or other materials purchased by the homeowner. There may be warranty issues if you purchased it and they installed it, or vice versa. Get clarification before buying anything.


We highly recommend contacting your local building department during the planning phase of your project. They will help you determine if permits and inspections are needed. You may need help applying for and obtaining the necessary permits your project may require. Knowing this beforehand will also help you decide which partners you may need to include.


After you have identified the tasks, you will need to engage a professional to complete them. This is where Rosie On The House can be a huge support. Rosie’s Free Homeowner and DIY Resources (rosieonthehouse.comHere for the sole purpose of helping you.

Rosie’s in-depth examination process saves you time and effort in this often cumbersome task. Certified Rosie Partners We are ready, willing and able to help you complete the skill set needed to complete your DIY project.

Once you have seen the websites of the certified partners, you can contact them and have an interview with them. Yes, an interview. Since you will be working closely with whomever you choose, you need to ensure the harmony of the relationship and personalities. Neither of you wants an unpleasant experience that gets in the way of completing a great project.

Rosie has countless articles and blog posts on her website to help you out.

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Once you identify the professionals, (check with at least two or three partners) get details about the roles and scope of work they will be playing. The partner should help you improve this, as often the wording of the scope becomes the basis for the estimate, and ultimately the contract. Collect grades and discuss scheduling as part of the estimate or proposal. That would be critical, especially in our current work environment.


This step will begin by setting your commitment to a timeframe. Think about how you want to work on your project and how many hours per week you plan to invest. Rosie warns us to be realistic. The “I’ll do all my evenings during the week and all the weekends” program probably won’t work.

There will be days when you feel very tired after work or have commitments on the weekends, such as children’s activities. Give yourself some leeway. Build in time for your family and yourself.

Once you’ve made a tentative schedule, pin it to the calendar. Put the pencil on the paper, or for the time being, put your fingers on the keyboard. You may consider doing this before choosing the partner you choose to work with.

During the contract process, discuss your time frame and see if their schedule can align with yours, or if changes need to be made. This process will go a long way in developing a working relationship with the professional and produce a realistic framework in which you can move forward.


Start the project. As you progress, take time to reevaluate your schedule. If you need more time to complete a task, you should inform a professional. Communication is crucial. You’ll get the time you need, and the professionals (specialists) you’ve partnered with will have time to adjust their work schedules.

Give as much notice as possible before the original agreed date. This compliment will go a long way in establishing a good working relationship.

Remember, if you have a question, call Rosie and Romey on Saturdays between 8am and 11am and ask her during the livestream. Chances are, someone else has the same question. Call us at 1-888-Rosie-4-U (1-888-767-4348).

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