RVing in parks |  Ford introduces a self-made pickup truck

RVing in parks | Ford introduces a self-made pickup truck

Ford’s Transit Trail Van, Coming in 2023, Lets DIY Designers Customize It To Their Hearts / Ford Pro

Growing up in the ’70s, if you were a male in your late teens, you started looking for wheels, and if you could land a used truck, something like a Ford Ecoline that you could convert into your home on wheels, the all the better. . I had a few friends who did just that, stripping the interior, adding beds, storage, and what not related to their trip to college. (I chose a 1967 Ford Mustang.)

Come today, Ford makes it even easier for you to take your bed on the road with the Ford Transit Trail that arrives in the spring. This updated cargo truck has been designed with those who like to explore the outdoors in mind. There’s swivel captain’s seats for driver and passenger, rooftop storage, all-wheel drive, 30.5-inch all-terrain tires, 487 cubic feet of usable space, and enough room for a 6-foot-5 person to stand in without bending over.

It’s bigger than a station wagon, and smaller and smarter than a Class C motorhome.

Ford Pro brand manager Jennifer Mitchell told me when I asked who the company was targeting with the Transit Trail.

“You have adventure truck clients who are really looking to use this as their base camp, if desired. They use this to get to that trail, take their bikes, hike, paddle, and so they get to this kind of base camp away from the The highway to that national park, “I continued,” the places where the traditional RVs are a little bit bigger and harder to get on are some of those less-used trails that Transit can really take them there. They’re a little easier to park and drive and all the safety and technology Which is really built into that in order to make it easier for anyone to get behind the wheel and feel comfortable with the car.”

Inside starts as a file

Interior design starts as a “white board” that you can turn into a home. This is how the Ford Pro . prototype was equipped

In the same league as the Mercedes Sprinter, the Transit Trail comes with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine that delivers 310 horsepower, 400 pound-feet of torque, and five driving modes that help you navigate the highway, plow in mud or snow, or tow a trailer. The extended model has 14 feet of cargo floor. The base model also comes with “drillable areas specifically placed for cupboards, shelves, bed and more allowing do-it-yourselfers and installers to consider endless configurations.”

You can also order an external light strip and it includes high-capacity supply switches, a larger center console, an auxiliary fuse panel with a high-spec interface connector, dual AGM batteries, and a modified vehicle wiring system.

With the heavy-duty trailer package, the company says the Transit can tow up to 6,500 pounds. MPG numbers aren’t available yet, but the higher end will likely be under 20 mpg based on What did the others get? 2021 Ford Transit models.

The bonus for DIYers is that Transit very much starts out as a shell. You can either transform the interior yourself into the camper van of your dreams, or if you don’t have it within reach, you can work with Ford and company partners or other vehicle designers to handle the transformation.

“I think the perfect thing about Transit Trail is that it’s a really blank canvas,” Mitchell said. “It could go from that full-time truck driver to the weekend warrior who uses this as a break from everyday life to get out and hit the trails. I’m so excited to see what our customers do with each truck. … We give that platform, sort of that The truck is ready-made, right from the factory so customers can take it from there and assemble it together or work with a manufacturer to finalize it and have it fitted to their specifications.”

It’s not a cheap blank canvas. The starting price is expected to be around $66,000, and the final price, well, that depends on 1) how much you can make yourself, and 2) what you want in the truck. kitchen sink? Cooktop? refrigerator? East and West run a queen size bed? lockers? Workstation for your remote business? special lighting? Ceiling ventilation fan?

What the Transit Trail doesn’t have is a lot of ground clearance if you’re looking to head to the sidewalks. The ground clearance on my Subaru Outback is 8.7 inches by 2 inches more than that of the Transit Trail, which can be an issue on some of the backcountry roads you explore.

Ford Transit Trail 2023 in Camp / Ford Pro

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