Sarcos successfully performs field trials demonstrating a range of robotic techniques for maintenance, inspection and repair in shipyard operations

Sarcos successfully performs field trials demonstrating a range of robotic techniques for maintenance, inspection and repair in shipyard operations

Salt Lake City–() –Sarcos Technology and Robotics Company (“Sarcos”) (NASDAQ: STRC and STRCW), a leader in developing highly ingenious robotic systems that enhance humans to enhance productivity and safety, announced today that the company has carried out field trials demonstrating improved worker safety and productivity for shipbuilding operations. .

Sarcos robotic systems are designed to carry out maintenance, inspection and repair activities, on and around vessels underway and the quayside, resulting in safer and more efficient operations at the shipyard and improving the efficiency of seafarers and shipyard workers. In September, the company completed a file Successful field experience The U.S. Navy’s Repair Technology Exercise (REPTX) at the Ventura County Naval Base in Port Hoenim, California. The company has conducted field tests on the ground and at altitude using a range of Sarcos solutions, including guardian® DX is a skilled remote robot to defend Skilled Sabine 6M Robot; The Sapien Sea Class Underwater Robot; and the guardian® S remote visual inspection robot.

Sarcos robots are designed to reduce employee injuries while increasing productivity, particularly in dynamic environments such as shipyards. Specific shipyard tasks that Sarcos robots can perform include:

  • The Sapien 6M and Guardian DX robots can be operated remotely and safely using a variety of tools while working at height on the ship or quayside. Can be mounted on a mobile lift platform for visual inspections, rust and paint removal with off-the-shelf tools, laser ablation, and cold spray repairs.

  • The Sapien Sea Class underwater robot, integrated with ROV, is designed for use under shallow and deep water up to 1 km and can perform checks on the ship’s hull, propeller shaft, and propeller shaft tube, along with recovering unidentified objects. from the hull of the ship.

  • The Guardian S optical inspection robot, which can traverse magnetic vertical surfaces and access tight spaces, can be deployed both inside and outside the ship to identify foreign objects.

“Working at high altitudes in dynamic environments, such as shipyards, is very dangerous work,” said Kefa Algood, Sarcos President and CEO. “Sarcos’ portfolio of remotely operated robots improves shipyard operations by solving critical pain points including human resource, productivity and safety constraints.”

“It is imperative for the US Navy to find solutions that will enable us to maintain mission readiness, particularly while we are at sea,” said Janice Bryant, Director of Technology and Sustainability, Naval Marine Systems Command. “Technologies showcased at REPTX for ship inspection, sustainability, and repair using remotely operated capabilities at altitude will be of great benefit to increasing the Navy’s readiness. We look forward to continuing our work with solution providers to impact quickly.”

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Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation (NASDAQ: STRC, STRCW) develops a range of advanced mobile robotic systems designed to improve worker safety and productivity and capable of operating in challenging and unregulated industrial environments. Sarcos is redefining human potential by developing ingenious robotic systems capable of task autonomy or remote operation, a full-body powered exoskeleton, and software that enables constantly adaptive learning in dynamic environments. For more information, please visit the website Connect with us on LinkedIn at

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