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Irvine, Calif. and Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hanbin Lee, CEO, Seoul robotsand Choi Kangrim, Senior Vice President, AI Mobility Business, KT Corp (KT)signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two companies to develop and deploy infrastructure-based autonomous driving joint ventures such as automated fleet logistics and automated valet parking.

KT, Korea’s largest telecom company formerly Korea Telecom, is one of the leading providers of the 5G networks on which these standalone systems rely. Through this partnership, the two organizations will commercialize infrastructure-based autonomous vehicles using 5G connectivity. Moreover, KT and Seoul Robotics will jointly promote ATI’s solutions to domestic and foreign vehicle OEMs and automated valet parking services.

This collaboration with KT demonstrates Seoul Robotics’ commitment to expanding ATI’s deployment, an area that has seen a lot of interest among OEMs recently as the technology has proven advanced enough to enable autonomous driving without any changes to the vehicles themselves.

“KT will work with Seoul Robotics to realize safer and more complete autonomous driving by combining KT’s 5G communications, autonomous collaborative driving technology and collaborative intelligent transportation system business capabilities,” said Choi Kangrim, Senior Vice President of KT AI’s Mobility Business Unit.

Seoul Robotics has gained strong recognition over the past few years for pioneering this innovative, infrastructure-based approach to autonomous mobility. Instead of requiring every vehicle to be equipped with sensors and software, ATI enables these systems to be installed on surrounding infrastructure and relies on V2X communications to remotely maneuver the vehicles. Seoul Robotics has commercialized this approach with its Level 5 Control Tower (LV5 CTRL TWR), an interlocking network of sensors and computers that independently directs a vehicle’s movement within a controlled environment.

Currently, BMW is leveraging the LV5 CTRL TWR to automate the logistics of turnkey vehicles at the Dingolfing plant in Germany. Seoul Robotics also has additional collaborations with unnamed OEMs.

The backbone of this technology is Seoul Robotics’ industry-leading 3D computer vision platform, SENSR. When embedded in 3D LiDAR sensors, the software uses AI deep learning to track, detect and identify hundreds of objects simultaneously with unparalleled accuracy – identifying objects within 4 centimeters.

HanBin Lee, CEO and co-founder of Seoul Robotics, said, “Vehicle logistics and valet parking have traditionally been entirely labor-intensive, and there is a big problem of driver shortages and damages caused by human error. This collaboration marks an exciting new chapter for autonomy through Infrastructure Because in order to truly achieve Level 5 autonomy, our system needs a nationwide 5G infrastructure.KT is the perfect partner for further deployment of Seoul Robotics’ ATI solution, and the speed and scale at which it can deploy will be critical to meet the demand for this solutions.”

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Seoul Robotics is powering the future of autonomy through smart infrastructure. The company was founded in 2017 to provide the mobility industry with the most advanced computer vision for 3D sensors and pioneer a new approach to vehicle automation called Autonomy through Infrastructure. Seoul Robotics provides autonomous driving systems for many applications in the logistics industry, providing unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Seoul Robotics has offices in Seoul, Munich, California and Raleigh and is supported by leading global financial institutions. For more information visit

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