Sinocare and Hai Robotics Partner to Modernize Healthcare Logistics

Sinocare and Hai Robotics Partner to Modernize Healthcare Logistics

Sinocare, which is said to be the largest manufacturer of blood glucose meters in Asia, recently joined Hi Robotics To implement a full range of Autonomous Case Handling (ACR) robot systems in their warehouse in Changsha, China.

Hai Robotics, a leader in Autonomous Case Handling (ACR) robot systems for warehouse logistics, has introduced deeper integration of smart technology and in-factory logistics development in a healthcare facility, resulting in higher workflow efficiencies and lower labor costs.

“The strategy of digital and intelligent transformation of the supply chain, with the help of ACR systems, will continually drive the growth of Sinocare’s business now and in the far future,” says Li Zhi, Senior Director of Engineering at Sinocare.

ACR systems drive operational efficiency

ACR solutions provide a more efficient, easy and accurate way to manage materials across all warehouse operations. These intelligent solutions use HAIQ, a warehouse software management system developed by Hai Robotics, as the intelligent mind that manages all operations enabling effective response to fluctuating demands and bypassing complex logistical challenges within the facility while maintaining maximum efficiency.

To meet the high demands of Sinocare’s flexible production line, Hai Robotics’ ACR solution has been implemented to manage the movements of semi-finished products as part of the manufacturing and warehousing process.

The ACR system is fully integrated with Sinocare’s existing manufacturing execution system, helping to provide a complete process digitization of merchandise management.

This integration now allows operators to easily and accurately manage inventory, monitor product handling, and track incoming and outgoing merchandise movements. As a result, Sinocare has been able to make significant advances in smart warehousing and smart manufacturing collaboration.

ACR systems improve storage density

Sinocare’s Changsha warehouse that stores semi-finished products covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters (about 3,280 square feet) and there was a need to store more goods while staying in the same storage space.

By implementing a high-density ACR system from Hai Robotics, Sinocare was able to increase its storage capacity from 7,500 bags to 12,000 bags. This increased the average stocking density to about 13 containers per square meter.

Hai Robotics’ ACR solution was able to achieve these metrics and greatly boost storage density due to two major contributors. First, ACRs from Hai Robotics are able to operate in confined spaces, and most importantly on aisles less than 1.2 m (4 ft) wide.

Second, two bags can be placed in front of the other on one shelf and two adjacent shelves, effectively realizing double-depth shelves, reducing the total number of aisles and creating a high-density storage unit 4 deep and accessible handbags on both sides. These shelving units were then stacked 4.4 meters (about 14.5 feet) high throughout the warehouse.

ACR intelligent selection liberates the workforce

Traditional warehouse management relies heavily on manual labor, which presents many challenges in terms of availability, costs and efficiencies, while other businesses are gaining ground with efficient automation.

For facilities still operating manually, normal human error, slow and low-efficiency operations, and normal physical limitations often result in delays in facility maintenance, expired storage, and failure to replenish parts in a timely manner when stock is low.

These issues can create significant problems for operations. Sinocare recognized the need for automation to enhance the productivity of its workers and increase workflow efficiency.

Sinocare’s Changsha Warehouse was able to double its efficiency rate per worker by implementing full process automated warehousing and bag handling for its semi-finished products, while reducing the fatigue of previously tedious tasks.

Upon receipt of incoming goods, a robotic arm grabs the loaded bags and places them on a conveyor belt. Next, Hai Robotics ACRs retrieve the bags and deliver them to the appropriate locations on the shelves in the high-density storage area.

When it’s time for the goods to come out of storage, ACRs retrieve the bag from storage and move it to a temporary storage rack where the AGV then brings the goods to the production line.

Automated solution also helps in creating a better working environment for people. Operators can now track and manage the system from the dashboard without hard work.

Unleashing the potential in healthcare warehouses

Founded in 2002, Sinocare is a leading high-tech company committed to using biosensor technology to produce and sell products for the rapid detection of diabetes and other chronic diseases. As the largest manufacturer of blood glucose meters and test strips, Sinocare has captured more than 50 percent of the China blood glucose meters retail market.

Together with Hai Robotics, a leader in Autonomous Case Processing Robot (ACR) systems, Sinocare aims to build an intelligent storage system for semi-finished products to unleash the potential in healthcare warehouses.

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