Smith + Nephew is the first to put on the market a knee review indicator on the robotics platform

Smith + Nephew is the first to put on the market a knee review indicator on the robotics platform

London And the September 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/–Smith + Nephew (LSE: SN, NYSE:SNN), a global medical technology company, today announces the first cases of revision knee replacement using the CORI◊ Surgical System. Dr. Thorsten Seiler From Duke University conducted the first cases on August 17 2022and combining Smith + Nephew’s handheld robotics technology with their LEGION◊ Revision Knee System. Smith + Nephew is the first orthopedic company to gain FDA 510(k) index review approval using a robotic-assisted platform.

RI.KNEE ROBOTICS uses intelligent image-free mapping, eliminating the need for preoperative CT/MRI scans and the potential for image distortion due to in situ components of the primary procedure. Instead, surgeons can build patient-specific 3D models of the joint, record the anatomy and bony defects after implant extraction, balance the intraoperative gap in real time, and precisely mill the final placement of components.1-4

“The ability to visualize and create symmetrical and balanced bending holes with the CORI hand held robot system made one of the most challenging tasks in a TKA audit an easier task. I have never used more post stabilization on limiting bearings in a revision scenario. Additionally, the image-free system allows It also accurately maps bone defects after implant removal and enables surgeons to use a bone-preserving approach to review TKA,” said Dr. Siler.

Robotic knee surgery expands opportunities for healthcare professionals

Surgeons can now experience the power and versatility of a single robotic platform when using the CORI Surgical System. With broader capabilities and expanded indications, it can address total and partial knee arthroplasty and now revision with robot assistance, along with computer-guided total hip arthroplasty. By combining robotics and Smith + Nephew’s clinically proven LEGION RK system with OXINIUM ◊ technology.5 *Surgeons can try a comprehensive range of implants and technology.

“Being the first to introduce a review index for robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery is a milestone in orthopedic surgery,” said Randy Kilburn, executive vice president and general manager of orthopedic, robotic and digital reconstruction for Smith + Nephew. “Our ability to offer a robot-assisted solution for partial and total knee arthroplasty and now review using a single platform is a real differentiator, especially when it potentially simplifies a complex procedure and increases the capabilities of the system for surgeons to restore a patient’s life and live unlimited lives.”

Over the past six months, Smith + Nephew has launched RI.HIP NAVIGATION, RI.HIP MODELER, “Cementless” advanced porous titanium 3D printing technology with the LEGION◊ CONCELOC Cementless Cementless Total Knee System, now a revised knee indicator. They are all supported by the CORI◊ Surgical System.

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* We thank the patients and staff of all hospitals in EnglandAnd the Wales And the northern Ireland who contributed data to the joint national registry. We are grateful to the Health Care Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), the NJR Steering Committee and the staff at the NJR Center for facilitating this work. {Additional contributors will be added as necessary}. The views expressed are those of Smith + Nephew and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Joint Registry Steering Committee or the Health Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), who do not guarantee how the information is presented.

The data used in this analysis were obtained from the National Joint Registry (“NJR”), which is part of the Health Care Quality Improvement Partnership (“HQIP”). HQIP, NJR and/or its subcontractor, Northgate Public Services (UK) Limited (“NPS”) have no responsibility (except as prohibited by law) for the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of any data used or referred to in this report, nor for for accuracy, currency, reliability, and correctness of links or references to other sources of information and disclaims all warranties regarding such data, links and references to the fullest extent permitted by legislation including any duty of care for readers of third party data analysis.

About Smith + Nephew

Smith + Nephew is a medical technology portfolio focused on the repair, regeneration and replacement of soft and hard tissue. We exist to restore people’s bodies and self-belief by using technology to lift the limits of life. We call this purpose “Life Unlimited”. Our 18,000 employees fulfill this mission every day, making a difference in patients’ lives through excellence in our product range, innovation and application of new technologies across our three global franchises of Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, ENT and Advanced Wound Management.

founded in Hull, United Kingdomfounded in 1856, now operates in more than 100 countries, and has achieved annual sales of $5.2 billion in 2021. Smith + Nephew is a component of the FTSE100 (LSE: SN, NYSE:SNN). The terms “Group” and “Smith + Nephew” are used to refer to Smith & Nephew plc and its consolidated subsidiaries, unless the context requires otherwise.

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