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Space-saving DIY projects | KX . News

When you move into your first home or apartment, your primary concern is having enough things to fill the space. However, at some point, you finally reached a tipping point because you had accumulated so much that your anxiety shifted to finding space for everything you own. It does not matter if you have a huge house or a small apartment. At some point, we all need help finding more storage space.

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‘Best Reviews’ Beth Allen, founder of HIP Chicks (Chicks Home Improvement Project)joins Gary Gelfand to share ideas on what people can do to free up space in their homes.

What to do if you have limited storage space in your home

When you get to the point where your stuff takes up enough space to be called clutter, you have two options: de-clutter or add storage.

to organize

Disassembly is not a one-time task. To keep your home clear of excess stuff, you need to de-clutter on a daily basis. If you do, there is less chance of you getting overwhelmed. De-cluttering doesn’t always involve throwing things away. It can be as simple as making sure there is a place for everything, and everything in its place.

However, it is possible that you have too many things. At this point, undo is no longer effective. You have to start getting rid of the items you don’t use, digitizing your keepsakes and making some tough decisions about what can stay and what should go. Either that or go for the second option: add storage.

Add storage

If you’re managing your clutter, adding storage doesn’t mean you need drastic measures, like building an addition, buying a shed, or renting storage space. Adding storage simply means being smart. Buy furniture with hidden compartments, take advantage of unused space, such as the area behind the sofa, and really think about how you can make the most of every area in your home or apartment, including walls and corners.

Often times, the extra space you need can be obtained by completing a simple home project. You can add shelves, hanging hooks and create an organized system, so everything you need is stored properly but still close at hand.

Easy DIY projects for home that can help increase your storage space

Add shelves

right shelves It can turn empty wall space into usable storage space. “If you can’t hide it, show it,” says Allen. The benefit of shelves is that they give you a place to put things while keeping them available for quick and easy access. The shelf can be painted to match any decor or used to express your personality. You can mount the shelf anywhere with a wall, whether it’s a bathroom or inside a closet. Best of all, the shelves are very versatile. They can contain a variety of elements and can be arranged to create a designer look.

Use command hooks

When you have limited drawer space, you will have nowhere to store all those little items that you need to use every day, like keys, belts, pot holders, and feminine products. 3M Driving Hooks They are an ideal storage solution because they can be installed in seconds and will not damage the surface when removed. While you can place these small adhesive hooks on any wall, they are often better saved to create extra space in hidden areas, such as inside a closet or behind a closet door.

Install a metal file rack

Even if you live in a mansion, you probably don’t have space on your desk for a computer, printer, scanner, mail, bills, books, magazines, and more. a metal file rack Hanging on an adjacent wall can quickly solve this problem. Any clutter you have littering your desktop can be neatly organized into one or more hanging file shelves, leaving you with much-needed empty space to work (and think) at your desk. Metal file racks can also be installed inside cabinet doors. According to Allen, they’re perfect for keeping “lost souls”—the lids of food storage containers—tidy and organized.

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IKEA Bikfam Spice Rack

This set of two Ikea Bekvam spice racks is made of solid birch wood and can be sanded or treated as desired. It is 15 inches wide and 3 inches deep. The versatile design makes it a convenient option for storing a variety of items, from spices to children’s books.

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3M قيادة Driving Hooks

Each wall hook in this pack of 16 hooks can hold up to a half pound. Hooks install with damage-free adhesive tape that works on a variety of smooth surfaces ranging from finished wood to laminate and tile. These hooks can be reused with refill strips.

Sold by AmazonAnd the Home Depot (12 hooks) and paper clip (22 hooks)

Universal Metal Mesh Wall Profile

The lightweight metal mesh file pocket weighs just 0.73 lbs. It is ideal for storing important letters and papers that you need to access often. Installation is simple and several modules can be hung if you want to create a complete filing system.

Sold by Amazon

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