Spark Necessary Caves

Spark Necessary Caves

Saturday 5 November 2022

Blasingame’s unexpected return boosts Coldwater

Written by Dave Stilwell

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Coldwater’s Jack Ebbing attempts to break an interference from Huron Brady Petz in the Division V regional quarterfinals at Cavalier Stadium on Friday. Ping rushed for 128 yards and touched down in a 14-3 Cavaliers win.

Cold water – has the makings of a Hollywood script. Team struggle, lagging behind. The injured star player comes off the bench, provides a spark and leads the team to victory.

The script came to life on Friday night at Cavalier Stadium.

Midwest Athletic Conference’s Offensive Player of the Year Marcel Blassingame, who hasn’t played since breaking his tibia in week nine of the regular season, came out to the crowd to open the second half with Coldwater dropping 3-0.

The Cavaliers received their first defeats in five of the following seven plays, scored in one yard by Jack Ebbing and beat the Huron Tigers 14-3 in the quarterfinals of the 18th Division V regional playoffs.

“When you get to that point, you’re playing with good teams,” Coldwater coach Chip Outen said. “We knew we had to define a few things offensively, and Marcel, even though he only ran the ball once, brought her a little spark.”

Blasingame’s only run of the game was a 31-yard quarterback pull that set up a two-yard touchdown run by Cody DePwig with 5:35 left, all but the competition.

“We didn’t know if Marcel was really ready or not,” Oten said. “He trained a bit, and his parents were fine. We talked about it at half-time and said, ‘Are you sure you’re okay with this?'”

“The plan was actually not to use it, but it’s his last year, he said he wanted to do it, so we put him in there to see what happens.”

The first half was a defensive tackle, featuring eight balls, two interceptions, and a spin.

Huron struggled to generate any consistency in attack and took advantage of a turnover to only put first half points on the board.

Tiger Coldwater’s Andrew Delaney intercepted starting quarterback Braylin Harlamert at the Cavalier 24, who put in a 25-yard field goal from Cameron Manner with a 4:28 left in the first quarter.

Coldwater (11-1) led Huron 23 early in the second quarter, but was backed by a moving penalty and eventually turned the ball into a touchdown.

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Coldwater’s AJ Harlamert steps up for a pass as Kyle Auger defends Huron in the Division V Regional Quarterfinals at Cavalier Stadium on Friday.

The Cavs reached the red late in the first half, but Harlamert was intercepted a second time, stopping a nine-time drive that started at the Coldwater 10-yard line.

After capturing the lead with a relegation drive to open the second half, Cleveland seemed poised to dominate the game, supporting the Tigers deep into their territory on the next possession. Instead, Huron quarterback Dylan Hohler defended for third and 15, then completed a 45-yard pass to Dawson Bowen. After another 15 yards for a rough penalty kick, the Tigers had their first descent at Coldwater 25.

But after five games, Huron turned the ball down. After Blasingame intercepted, the Cavs got the ball back deep into their territory.

Huron was 0 for 4 in the fourth loss in the second half.

“Quarterback is a very good player, but our defense played superbly,” Otton said. “We gave them three times from within the fifty and stopped them three times.”

Coldwater running, which suffered in the first half, came back to life in the second. He finished receding with a 125-yard dash on an 18-cart.

“We changed a couple of technical things and then just challenged the O line,” Otten said. Come on guys, they whip your tail there.” “Then they went out and played a great second run.”

Coldwater improved to 5-0 all-time against Huron and 20-0 in the home playoffs. The upcoming Cavs will face top seed Liberty in the regional semifinals next Friday at a neutral location to be announced on Sunday. Liberty Center (12-0) advanced to Week 13 with a 41-7 victory over Liberty Benton.

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Coldwater’s Blade Buschur attempts to tackle Huron quarterback Dylan Hohler during the Division V Regional Quarterfinals at Cavalier Stadium.

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