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SpongeBob SquarePants Custom PC « Adafruit Industries – Makers, Hackers, Artists, Designers, Engineers!

We’ve covered stand-up SpongeBob, Potato Head SpongeBob and even a Squidward costume. Dewayne Carel built a SpongeBob Squarepants PC case with tons of EVA foam and yellow paint!

How did this SpongeBob project originate?

Dewine: It was EVGA that wanted this project – the company wanted to do something special for one of their partners, Arabian Prince of the NWA rap group, who by the way is a huge SpongeBob fan. He even showed up to unveil the condition – not knowing what it was about or it was for him – in SpongeBob shoes, pants, and a T-shirt.

How did you plan and design this building?

Dewine: I looked at tons of pictures online from SpongeBob, and it became clear that the case of the EVGA DG-77 that was given to me and SpongeBob was basically the same. Some might say, “That’s good luck now!” Maybe, but I knew I had to create a situation where people’s reactions wouldn’t be: “All you have to do is paint a can yellow” – yes, you know who you are. I needed to take it to the next level to build a PC that didn’t seem like a weekend project.

Once again, I took to the internet in search of some inspiring pictures of SpongeBob. I was, of course, able to find an infinite number of photos. This was great for getting the color and detail needed – close-ups of his eyes, mouth, nose, shoes, and yes, his pants.

However, in most of the pictures, he was standing or running, and I knew this wouldn’t work – how do I balance a fully loaded computer on the legs of a toothpick without some kind of support? Then he hit me – he could be sitting with his legs sticking out straight. With this vision in mind, I quickly worked out the design in pencil and paper, which is my usual way of visualizing my thoughts. This plan was perfect – his feet would be extended, his arms at his side and his hands flat, making him look as if he was sitting and holding himself.

The face of SpongeBob was the make-or-break feature of the entire build. If it doesn’t look like it, I might as well unmodify the status entirely and save myself from the edited community comments. I have spent many hours designing – eg determining the size of his eyes, as well as the size of his mouth and how they bend – his smile is a major recognizable feature, and the lower and upper part of his mouth protrude out to form the lips. I had to get his nose right too.

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