Starship Technologies collaborates with TEAL to improve

Starship Technologies collaborates with TEAL to improve

SEATTLE, Dec. 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Teal and Starship Technologies today announced their partnership to provide unparalleled connectivity and reliability to automated delivery robots worldwide.

“Teal’s programmable eSIM is the best performing solution on the market. It solved several weaknesses for us and significantly reduced costs,” said Peter Cowles, IT specialist at Starship Technologies.

Starship is the world’s leading robot delivery service on college campuses and cities. The company is revolutionizing deliveries with autonomous robots designed to deliver food, groceries, and packages locally in minutes. Keeping its delivery bots connected reliably and securely is critical to maintaining continuity of operations as the company plans to expand into new markets.

With bots running all over the world, Starship has the intricacies associated with determining which mobile networks will perform best in a given location. Prior to using Teal, Starship had no way to program its bots on multiple networks using a single SIM solution. Instead, they used multiple SIM vendors across different geographies and faced challenges associated with managing agreements with multiple SIM SKUs, platforms, and pricing schemes. Prior to Teal’s embedded SIM or eSIM technology, Starship experienced high latency and low throughput on commercial SIM cards accessing retail networks. With this new partnership, Starship gains access to any global network using a single eSIM paired with a management platform that ensures its bots are always connected.

“Something absolutely vital to our company is connectivity, maintenance, and making sure our bots are consistently serviceable for our customers. Proper SIM connectivity allows our bots to stay online longer, be more reliable, and have adequate estimated time of arrival (ETAs),” said Scott McKirdy, website lead. Operations at Starship, “for customers, and to be a better overall experience for the communities we serve.”

Teal helps accelerate Starship’s global expansion by eliminating the complexities of working with multiple carriers. Teal’s eSIM platform provides better availability and improved performance giving Starship programmable access to native backbone networks. With Teal, Starship can dynamically switch between carrier networks as needed to save time and money.

Starship also benefits from improved redundancy as Teal provides primary and backup credentials with IoT packet latency of less than 100ms round trip, allowing Starship bots to perform flawlessly.

Starship Technologies has replaced its entire fleet of bots (which use different SIM solutions) with Teal’s programmable eSIM approval platform. This newly created partnership opens up some exciting possibilities for the future and Starship plans to double the number of Teal eSIM-powered robots in the next year, expanding its use in the European Union (EU). This partnership not only allows them to future-proof their operations against the tech sunset, but it also allows for the growth of the technology. With Teal, Starship is technology and carrier agnostic, marking the start of a strong partnership that will help in the race to revolutionize the way we order and deliver goods. Learn more about how Teal is helping Starship change the way goods are delivered around the world.


About TEAL:

Teal’s wholly owned and patented eSIM technology connects any IoT device to any network worldwide. Teal gives customers the freedom to choose the network they want within a single eSIM platform they control. Dynamically switch between over 3,500 global cellular networks using Teal’s GSMA-certified eSIM platform. Learn more at

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Rob Monkman
Vice President of Marketing

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