The elegant Vanpowers Vantrue Ebike uses woodworking assembly technology

The elegant Vanpowers Vantrue Ebike uses woodworking assembly technology

I don’t usually go on long assembly projects when it comes to ebikes because I’ve built several over the years and like to put them together quickly and ride. but the City Vantrue by Vanpowers It came with a twist that piqued my curiosity, and they sent one out several weeks ago. Instead of the usual wheel and pedal routine that normally takes 15-20 minutes on most bikes, City Vantrue instead arrived in a small (for a bike) box tightly packed with parts. Make no mistake, this is a full-size, urban-style single-speed electric bike with 26-inch wheels, a regular two-triangle frame, an air fork, and more; It is not a foldable or small wheeled bike.

The interesting assembly process is based on the Chinese carpentry method called “click and tongue. The bike arrives in a box that is basically disassembled, mainly in terms of the chassis. The aluminum frame sections are bolted together by sliding the mast (the bore) over a joint (the burrs), and the fit is very precise. Each connection is secured with steel bolts. More are already built From technical aspects such as wires, wheels and brake lines, but builders will have to install brake handles and hand grips.

This unique semi-DIY approach has some sound physical and financial logic behind it. Most aluminum framed ebikes are welded together, and most companies don’t take the time (or expense) to smooth the seams, just paint over them. The welds between the aluminum pieces are usually the weak link in the chain as it were. With Vanpowers’ unique assembly process, you can replace the welds with a series of screws where the frame comes together, but overall, it looks very clean, even unique. This LEGO-like or IKEA-like assembly method without welding looks very sturdy, even while assembled. While assembling the bike, I was also better able to adjust small comfort items like the location of the brake handle and seat position at the front and rear.

Also, because the bike is assembled by the rider from “parts,” buyers can get very creative with mixed and matched colors, giving them a very unique bike without having to paint or strip it. My review bike was solid black (which I like above), and the shiny bolts kind of made a visible light on the bike. The infinity silver color scheme is also very attractive. As noted, the bike arrived in a box about half the size of a regular bike trunk. This reduces material costs for the box, shipping cost and waste.

bike building

I did not rush to build City Vantrue. It took the better part of 90 minutes to assemble, and was a satisfying try. Once I had all the parts disassembled and put together (above), I used the included quality tools, hex wrenches/Allen wrenches, and instructions from Vanpowers to assemble the bike together while listening to some music and enjoying a cool drink on a sunny summer day. All parts fit very snugly with no loose dents or tolerances, and each part is marked with a number for clarity (stickers peel off cleanly). Vanpowers took me to the dropbox with a 15-minute video that was a bit too quick for me (you’ve obviously paused it as you go), and felt like it shimmered over some of the more technical parts of the design, particularly the critical hatches, carbon strap fitting and tensioners, but thankfully the guide written very Comprehensive and avoids any Chinese to English translation issues I often see with other manuals. The manual also includes specs about torque values ​​for several bolts included in the City Vantrue build that weren’t in the video, which is important to know so the bike is built to spec as it was. The torque wrench is not included with the tools from Vanpowers, but I recommend getting one If you decide to build this bike (or any bike).

The American version of the City Vantrue is a Class 1 bike with pedal assist only from the 350W rear hub motor, which offers five levels of assist and walking speed assistance as well. The small and very cleanly compact color LCD display built into the top of the steering stem provides quick information on speed, assistance level and battery level. Three small buttons on the left bar toggle power, options, and screens. Charging is easy with an additional charger that has 100 percent battery in about two hours.

ride time

The City Vantrue is a very lightweight electric bike, at 35 pounds on my bike scale, it’s very hard to tell that it’s an electric bike at all. A 36V, 7Ah lithium-ion battery is housed in the lower frame, which isn’t noticeably larger than the other frame tubes. The illusion is aided by the rear axle that clicks on the coasters like a “normal” bike. Most people I’ve shown thought I was kidding when I said it was an electric bike – until I let them ride it.

And with any ebike, the ride is the thing. I felt a boost on the pedals up to just over 20 mph, which is pretty fast on a single-speed street machine wearing skinny 700 x 28cm Maxxis tires on black DT Swiss pneumatic rims. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes do an excellent job of clearing the gear and are pretty much silent, as is the small but powerful engine when it’s on the throttle. The ride quality is excellent; This is a fun, precise feel bike that is a joy to ride, even for long distances. The frame size I received fit this 6-foot-1 great rider perfectly and the seat was comfortable. Extreme assistance is needed on steep hills along with standing on the pedals due to the single gear, but I had no difficulty summarizing the 700-foot altitude gain test, and City Vantrue slithered through the slope portion at over 30mph while feeling planted. and safe.

City Vantrue also came with a high-quality spiral bike bell, but no lights at all. I simply added an LED strip light and a flashing LED taillight from my personal set of bike lights, but it would be nice if they were included with the bike, especially with a black bike that will be pedaling at night. It’s a simple thing, but many bikes now come with lights of some sort, and if I could ask that every bike come with lights, I would. I see (or don’t see) far too many cyclists riding at night relying on reflectors rather than actual lights. LED light kits are cheap, efficient and offered as options by Vanpowers, just put a kit in the box, please. City Vantrue included a set of reflectors. Additional racks, fenders, batteries and more are also available from a very wide range of accessories.


I’ve been reviewing quite a few urban style single-speed e-bikes lately because they’re growing in popularity, and with good reason: If you don’t need the off-road capability, these sleek bikes are excellent for chopping city traffic and feeling more sporty than bikes. Fat tires or medium weight bikes. Overall, I was very impressed with $1,699 Fantreau ebike. It appeals to the minimalist vibes of cycling, and I love building things that go well together. It’s a fast, stylish electric bike and the ride is fun to ride and after assembly I had no design issues, but I also now checked it again to make sure it was tight (it was fine). As noted, I’d like to see the Vanpowers include a torque wrench with the tools (they briefly show one being used in the promotional video, below), along with some basic lights. Otherwise, I recommend Vanpowers City Vanture.

I enjoyed building the bike, and if you like the idea of ​​owning a City Vantrue but aren’t exactly fond of building it, it can also be pre-assembled for pretty much an extra $150 so you can ride it more quickly. But personally, the City Vantrue build gave me more ownership and confidence in the bike, which might sound silly but that is how I felt.

Which is good for Vanpowers – more road bike models (made with a more modular build) including a fat-frame mountain bike look like they’d be a lot of fun. I hope to give it a try when it becomes available.

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