The Framework Laptop Is a DIY Computer That’s As Easy To Assemble As LEGO

The frame laptop is a DIY PC as easy as LEGO

The Framework Laptop is my favorite piece of art in 2022 (so far, although I only have two months left).

No, seriously: It’s a big call to make and I don’t take it lightly, but the laptop made by a startup with the same “Framework” name as the laptop impressed me so much that I’ll praise its design without hesitation.

How do you earn this praise? Well, it’s a modular laptop where you’re encouraged to upgrade its parts rather than paying for an expensive repair or buying a whole new unit once it’s past its best. Which, by the way, is as easy as swapping out LEGO.

It’s a sustainable, environment-first, cost-effective approach, and frankly, it’s sad that the major manufacturers haven’t been left behind.

Photo: Zacharias Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

build a laptop

The hardware style got lost in time as the tech world shifts to Apple’s closed hardware approach. In the post-iPhone and MacBook world, removable batteries have become one of the most obvious victims. It’s also becoming more and more difficult to disassemble the hardware to swap parts, with most phones now requiring the screen to be removed before accessing the internals.

While modular computers have remained popular with enthusiasts and boutique PC builders, the modularity we see in the Framework is unusual. It’s totally welcome, of course, but it’s not something we’d expect (the same can be said for Fairphone).

laptop frame
Photo: Zacharias Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

It is undoubtedly for the better. Starting at $1,639 for a prebuilt laptop, or $1,279 for a DIY parts machine where you pick the parts, the modularity speaks for itself. You might spend less on a laptop from a bigger manufacturer than you would on one of the three standard Framework models (divided by the processor), but there’s more value in swapping out a broken part rather than a complete device.

If a part fails, you can order that part and have it replaced yourself rather than paying for a repair or a whole new device. If you feel tired, you order spare parts to give it a new life.

This sounds like a daunting task but I assure you it is not. I’ve recorded the entire build process below.

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The Framework laptop has an error-resistant design that I really like. Here are some points to consider:

  • The screws on the bottom of the device cannot be removed from the chassis but can be loosened enough to allow you to separate the laptop, reducing the risk of losing screws
  • You are provided with a screwdriver with a tool at the end to open the device with
  • The screen frame is held in place by a magnet that surrounds the screen
  • The keyboard is easily lifted when the screws are removed
  • Internally, parts slot in, click and lock into place, similar to LEGO bricks (really)
  • Every crack can be purchased directly from the Framework.

Additionally, when you order your laptop, you will be given the option to pay with or without Windows 11 operating system, RAM, selected NVME hard drive and any ports you want on either side of the device (up to four).

All of these ports are removable in blocks and connect to the device via indented USB-C ports. They are all also configured for device charging, so it doesn’t matter which port you dedicate to USB-C charging (charging cable provided).

laptop frame
Photo: Zacharias Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

No sacrifices for performance

You’d think that as a company that was once a startup, Framework would want to keep costs low and continue to sell the cheapest technology possible, but that’s not the case. 2022 laptops come with 12th generation Intel processors, although 11th generation processors are also available (which are cheaper too).

Reviewing the mid-range i7-1260P (with 16GB of RAM), the frame laptop didn’t disappoint. In our Cinebench test, the laptop scored 1,507 points and took second place, while in our multi-core test, the laptop scored 9,239 points and took fourth place.

in our area Forza Testing, things were similarly impressive. You might be dissuaded from the Laptop Framework if you’re using a heavy-duty laptop, but those results weren’t terrible.

laptop frame
Screenshot: Gizmodo Australia

In our Chrome tab test, the laptop was able to withstand 37 tabs open before stuttering was noticeable, before freezing at 46 tabs.

Finally, in our battery test, where we see how the laptop conflicts with Avengers: Endgame, The laptop dropped from 100 percent to 81 percent in the first hour, then 62 percent in the second and then 42 percent in the third hour. That’s a fairly average result that watches in less expensive options like the XPS 13 Plus, and isn’t particularly worrisome.

But while the battery model, size, and capacity are the same across all frame laptops, nothing else, which brings me to an important point: These results are Next to the point.

laptop frame
The tire wants you to open that bad box. Photo: Zacharias Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

The model I reviewed included 512GB of NVME storage, 16GB of RAM, an i7-1260P processor, and a variety of ports on the side (I chose USB-C and HDMI on the left, but USB-C and USB-A on the right).

As I touched on above, when you order a Framework laptop, you’ll be able to purchase a pre-built or “DIY” model, with the addition of RAM, ports and storage. I ordered a DIY model and built it myself within an hour.

This way, you can customize the machine according to your needs and budget. Of course, the more you spend, the better your laptop will perform, but you can also keep the cheap and even without a Windows license (just remember to bring a Linux operating system instead).

laptop frame
Photo: Zacharias Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

more please

I really have nothing bad to say about the Laptop Framework. Frugally, all my problems are due to a lack of customization:

  • The laptop is only available in silver with a black screen edge (though More edge colors will be available soon)
  • The keyboard looks a bit flimsy and reminds of a MacBook 2016 laptop
  • Laptop with only one screen size (2256 x 1504 by 13.5 inches)
  • No touch screen option available.

I don’t think there is anything else I can say against the Laptop Framework. Honestly, these are the little things He. Sheand the Framework custom mod community can probably patch half of them.

While I know the goal is to try to convince laptop users to stop buying so much tech and start getting used to swapping out broken parts instead of full hardware, I’d like to see the Framework offer a separate model form with the option to add on a dedicated graphics card (or , as I said earlier, a touch screen).

But other than that, this device is so versatile for most people, with so easy customization and maintenance that it could also be a game.


The Laptop Framework has won my heart for its straightforward approach to modules. I have no problem calling it my favorite laptop of 2022 and it will likely continue to be used for as long as possible.

If this is the last laptop I’ve ever owned, replacing parts as it gets older, I’d be very satisfied. I’ve said it many times in my reviews, but I’m going to say it here with praise: The most ethical thing a consumer can do is consume less, and the Laptop Framework wants you to do exactly that.

The team that designed this laptop should be very proud.

Where to buy Laptop Framework

Laptop Framework can be ordered from Domain website. Pre-built models start at $1,639 and DIY models (with most parts removed from the ordering process to begin with) at $1,279.

If you choose the DIY model, remember to bring a Windows (or Linux) license. Australian deliveries are scheduled to begin on October 17.

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