Moonment, 2022, Aluminum sheets, wood, Arduino, Relay, motor, fans, Sizhu Li

The immersive installation “Moonment” by Sizhu Li reimagines the beauty of moonlight

technology The daily life of people has passed in such an unprecedented way that its ubiquity no longer attracts the attention of skeptics. Space technology has even made it possible to experience real-time change in nature — be it through the game of planets or their dynamics with satellites — with the naked eye. However, translating the flow of motion by its very nature with the help of technology, in the form of representational art, begs the question whether machines can accurately recreate the real phenomenon. Arouse a similar curiosity with her artistic practice China-Boy New York-Based on Multidisciplinary artist Sizhu Li, who builds an immersive game Kinetic art Facilities. The large-scale installationswith the sounds made by the propellers and metal plates, ruled by digital control systems and automated mechanisms, evocative immersive experience to the public. The collection brings a new futuristic touch to makeup.

View installation from the moon Photo: Mika Mermeliod

its last fitting, the moon The Alabama Center for Contemporary Art, as the title suggests, reimagines the movements dictated by the natural satellite. this is Website art An installation inspired by a Chinese Tang Dynasty poem Staring at the moon, longing from afar By Jiuling Zhang he borrows the idea that when the moon rises above sea level, it connects all human beings regardless of their geographical location. As part of the kinetic installation, the movement of aluminum sheets replaces the moonlight hitting the Earth. The ebb and flow of these papers is controlled by symbols, reflecting the dichotomy of Eastern and modern philosophy. Materials are not limited to the tactile quality of physical reality, but must be treated as physical characters who have the ability to evoke sadness and nostalgia when experienced by the audience.

Kinetic Mount Installation View, Moonment |  Sichu Li |  STIRworld

installation width for motor installation, the moon Photo: Mika Mermeliod

The Art installation the moon A sensory understanding of natural motion – in this case kinetic wave motion – translates with the dynamics of machines. In an interview with STIR, Lee talked about this transition, “Mechanics look cool and do hard, repetitive work. However, mechanization has changed the speed of human development by driving industrial invention, bringing people into a modern society that seems to be moving away from nature and from each other.” In my article , I use lifeless machines to create vivid and trembling wave motion integrating humor and life into motion, presenting vitality and humanity. Transition arouses in people the harmony between nature and technology.”

Sketch of Mirage, Moonment Series Next Phase Concept, 2022, Paper, Pencil, Sizhu Li |  Sichu Li |  STIRworld

fee Miragethe concept of the next stage of the moon Series, 2022, paper, pencil Photo: Sizhu Li

its facilities, for example, Bing Bing Bong Bong Such as the moon It is an exploration of gravity and electricity. In a constant look at navigating the field of motion – whether through invisible drag, thrust and inertia – facilities can pose a variety of challenges in order to recreate the natural phenomenon, for a test flight. “Light kinematics has scheduled my work around 2018-2019, which is when I graduated from graduate school and moved to New York. Current challenges are pushing both technologies and taking the idea to the next stage. I’m working on a pulley system and a software control design for my next project Miragewhich is an extension of the moon –Eight pieces of wave move in patterns in a tunnel-like space, emphasizing a simpler and larger installation. Also, since my business has greatly expanded, it requires a larger studio and exhibition spacewhich is challenging, especially since I’m based in New York City,” Lee says.

Sizhu Li's photo  Sichu Li |  STIRworld

Sichu Li’s photo Photo: Haiqing Zhao

The principle of immersive experience is an integral part of works that open up on an emotional level a world of prevalence. In other words, the immersive experience extended by the network of technology also refers to the hustle and bustle of modern life that is deeply intertwined. Citing the immersive quotient as a “necessity” for the installation, Lee told, “With my understanding of art, I believe the most remarkable art is creating intense visual and mental experiences to heal people. Immersive combinations It allows me to put my audience in a completely unfamiliar environment to transport themselves, rejuvenate, and enjoy the movement and storytelling in my work.”

I have nothing but clouds, 2021, aluminum sheets, steady bar, still rope, |  Sichu Li |  STIRworld

I only have clouds 2021 aluminum sheets, fixed rod, still rope Photo: Haiqing Zhao

The element of wonder in nature, which never fails to amuse the human tribe, is also present in Lee’s work. Even when technology defines a Kinetic sculpture In motion, fixation, like the moonIt paints a new way of appreciating the beauty of life and nature. You wish me to have her work the moon It puts a smile on viewers’ face, “when they look at my quivering waves and romance in action – the moon over the seascape connects people far away. You can also inspire viewers on how to engage with nature, referring to the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy Taoism, physical law and energy conservation – working with Gravity, propellers, and the Arduino to move the waves, Sisyphus would be meaningful if they could be identified from the moon. “

the moon Video Installation, Aluminum Panels, Wood, Arduino, Relay, Motor, Propellers, Site Specific Work at Alabama Contemporary Art Center, 2022 Video: Mika Mermeliod

installation the moon On view at the Alabama Center for Contemporary Art through April 23, 2023.

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