Your kids learn hands-on engineering basics with the Lectec LS DIY electric skateboard

The Lectec LS DIY electric skateboard teaches kids the concept of STEM

Are you looking for a cool STEM project you can do with your child? Check out the Lectec LS electric skateboard. He teaches engineering concepts.

Get your kids outdoors and building with Lectec LS Build Your Own Electric Skateboard. This DIY electric skateboard for kids ages 7-12 is easy to build and contains all the necessary parts and tools.

Want to give your child hands-on? Engineering experience? Buy them the Lectec LS Electric Skateboard. Attractive and interactive, learn the basics of geometry.

He. She It shows them how things like pulleys, motors, and gears work. Then, they ride an electric skateboard when they’re done. Let’s check it out!

Provides your child with an enjoyable learning experience

Children learn best when they are having fun; This is just a fact. And with the Lectec LS, they get a rewarding interactive experience that requires them to assemble and tinker.

The entire assembly is easy to build, so you won’t get frustrated because a screw doesn’t tighten properly or the directions are too complicated.

On top of that, you’ll be there by your child’s side as they complete the project, offering help and guidance along the way. All in all, it serves as a great bonding experience that you both will remember.

In the end, this project leaves kids feeling very proud and accomplished when it’s finished. And parents will be glad that their children spent the afternoon doing something constructive.

It gives your child an introduction to geometry

Not all schools teach engineering concepts at the primary level. So give your kid a hands-on at-home project that covers all the basics with a DIY Electric Skateboard.

The company says its product introduces children to mechanisms such as gears, pulleys, and motors. What better way to learn about a topic than to actually work with it?

For example, your kids will see how a pulley works, and then make one themselves for their skateboard. Lessons like this are the ones they will never forget.

It provides electric skateboard for kids

Once your child has finished building, it’s time to have fun. They’ve created their own electric skateboard, one they can take outside and ride on sidewalks or on playgrounds.

It is the ultimate children’s tool because it combines educational concepts and is a fun outdoor game that they can use on a daily basis. Even better than that, the Lectic LS It teaches them valuable lessons about balance and safety.

Skateboard deck measures 28 x 9 inches and features a small butt. And depending on your child’s age, you may want to attach a scooter handle. It allows them to gain more experience before riding a real skateboard.

It features built-in safety mechanisms

As a parent, you are likely concerned about your child’s safety while riding a skateboard. But don’t worry. This DIY electric skateboard for kids has many integrated safety features.

First, the management system built into the battery has 10 safety components, giving you peace of mind.

Next, there are 4 different speed modes, from 4mph to 15mph. This allows children to start slowly while learning.

There are also 4 acceleration modes, from 25% to 100%, which gradually teach children how to ride and control themselves. personal vehicle.

Moreover, the LED lights surrounding the chassis work with the accelerator and brake pedals, making your child easier to see for other drivers.

Finally, kids ride steadily because of the console’s channel-hopping technology. It also ensures that they get a strong signal so your DIY electric skateboard won’t crash mid-ride.

It has a specification planned

While the Lectec LS has yet to be produced, the company has laid out some planned specs. They include a 500-watt motor (1,150 peak), a 25.2-volt, 3,000mAh battery, and a wireless remote control range of 100 feet.

With these specifications, the Lectec LS is very similar to some of the electric scooters on the market, giving your kids a realistic yet safe skating experience.

We mentioned earlier that the Lectec LS comes with everything you need to build an electric skateboard and we weren’t kidding. The Indiegogo page lists all the parts and tools included, and it’s comprehensive.

From the skateboard deck to the remote control, from an Allen wrench to a builder’s mat, everything is included. So you and your kids can start building right away.

Gives parents and children a fun educational project

You are always looking for ways to bond with your child and spend time learning together. Lectec LS provides an opportunity to do just that.

Assembly is easy and teaches your child STEM concepts. Even better, this project makes use of these concepts.

And in the end, you kids get a cool electric skateboard for cruising around the neighborhood, which is pretty cool.

Love the Lectec LS? Pre-order yours for $279 Indiegogo. Did you buy any cool STEM toys for your kids? What were they?

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