The new WORX Nitro 20-Volt Four-Piece Combo Kit lights up the holiday spirit for the DIY enthusiast

The new WORX Nitro 20-Volt Four-Piece Combo Kit lights up the holiday spirit for the DIY enthusiast

WORX Nitro 4-pc. Combo kit

Unwrapping the holiday gift box that contains the new WORX® Nitro 20V, 4-pc. The Combo Kit is sure to boost the creative enthusiasm, as well as project abilities, of both DIY novices and experienced DIYers. Included in the kit is a WORX Nitro 20V 1/4 in. Impact Driver and 1/2 in. Drill-Driver Combo; WORX Nitro 20V Reciprocating Saw (tool only) and WORX Nitro 20V LED Work Light (tool only).

An essential part of this 4-pc machine. The combo kit is the WORX Nitro 20V Drill-Driver and 20V Impact Driver.

Both WORX Nitro motors feature high-efficiency brushless motors that run cooler with less friction and heat buildup resulting in smooth, reliable, maintenance-free operation and longer tool life. In fact, the tools are 25 percent more powerful, run 50 percent longer and 10 times longer than brush drivers.

The WORX Nitro 20V Drill Driver features an all-metal chuck with 18 + 1 drill chuck positions and drive screws. The two-speed variable-speed gearbox for drilling features no-load speeds from 0-600-920 and 0-2000rpm with a maximum torque of 531 in-lbs. The driver is capable of drilling 1-5/8″ holes in wood and ½ in. in steel.

The Nitro 20V Drill Driver is compact and smart. It has a variable speed trigger and a comfortable rubber overdrive grip. An integrated LED light illuminates the work area when the trigger is pressed. The LED also serves as an overload protection alert.

Joining the drill driver in the combo is the WORX Nitro 20V Impact Driver. It’s the go-to tool when it comes to tough DIY jobs, especially those that require repetitive assembly work. It’s an asset for building decks, outdoor play structures, benches and picnic tables, among other projects. The driver is also useful for removing stubborn or rusty fasteners.

The Nitro 20V impact motor has a ¼-in. Chuck, and only accepts bits with a hex shank. These six sided bits grip evenly on all sides to prevent slipping.

Impact Motor features three speed ranges from 0-920; 0-2050 and 0-3000 rpm no load. The corresponding impact rates are 0-1200; 0-3300 and 0-4100 impacts per minute (images per minute). Integrated electronic numeric keypad changes speed/effect selection.

An impact driver quickly counteracts a variety of fasteners with rotational force (impacts), reducing the heads of stripped screws. Because the concussion is directed to the stabilizer, there is no residual impact on the user’s wrist or forearm. and with 2,300 in.lbs. of torque, the driver can handle even the most demanding tasks.

The WORX Nitro 20V impact driver weighs 3.31 pounds. (with battery), and is powered by the same 20V 2.0Ah MAX lithium-ion battery that powers the Nitro 20V Drill-Driver. An integrated LED light illuminates the work area when the trigger is pressed. The impact driver has a variable speed trigger and a comfortable rubber grip.

The true workhorse of the WORX 4-pc. The combo is the WORX Nitro 20V Power Share Reciprocating Saw. Its highly efficient brushless motor delivers professional-level cutting performance in multiple materials, including wood, drywall, PVC, metal tubing, mild steel, and more.

A reciprocating saw is a great choice for both professionals and DIYers who deal with a range of home improvements, repairs, renovations, and demolition, as well as major remodeling projects. They’re also good for yard work, such as trimming and trimming excess growth, removing dead limbs, and cutting roots.

The brushless motor of a reciprocating saw is 25 percent more powerful, runs 50 percent longer, and provides up to 10 times longer life than conventional brushed motors. The variable speed saw operates at 0-3000 (no-load) strokes per minute (spm) and has a 1-3/16 inch blade stroke and a cutting capacity of 11-3/4 inch in wood and 1/2 inch in steel.

The WORX Nitro 20V Reciprocating Saw blade clip stays open for one-handed blade changes. The pivoting shoe of the saw is adjustable, according to the length of the blade and the thickness of the work piece.

The pendulum selector knob adjusts the movement of the blade, according to the workpiece and its thickness. The “on” mode provides a reciprocating action for fast cuts in soft materials and wood grain cuts. The “off” position is preferred for precise cutting of thin workpieces and metal cutting.

The ergonomic 6.92-pound (with battery) reciprocating saw features an ergonomic handle with a textured GripZone mini overdrive. An integrated LED work light illuminates the cutting area.

Rounding out the WORX Nitro 20V 4-pc. The Combo is the WORX Nitro 20V LED Work Light (Tool Only). This work light generates 1500 lumens, which is equivalent to a 100 watt bulb. It is an alternative to the old incandescent light and its big advantage is that it burns cool.

This cordless, go-anywhere 20-volt work light makes any project that needs illumination easy. Weighs 5.6 lbs. with battery. Built-in hook can be used to hang a work light from the hood of the vehicle to view the engine compartment, a closet rod for painting the interior, an I-beam in the basement when installing ceiling panels, and many other hooks – changing applications. The work light can also be mounted on a conventional tripod.

The portable LED work light is handy for use in basements, crawl spaces, attics and garages, behind appliances, camping, boating, RVing, outdoor projects and events, and other activities.

The work light is housed in a tubular frame with a solid foot plate as its base. The frame includes a comfortable foam grip, which doubles as a carrying handle. The high-performance LED glass frame rotates from north to south at an angle of 360 degrees. The light is operated by the push button on/off switch. When using the WORX 20V 2.0Ah battery, it will power up to 2 hours of continuous use.

Included with the WORX® Nitro 20V, 4-pc. The Combo is the WORX Nitro 20V 1/4 in. Hex Impact Driver and 1/2 in. Drill-Driver; WORX Nitro 20V Reciprocating Saw (tool only) and WORX Nitro 20V LED Work Light (tool only). Accessories include 2, 20V 2.0Ah batteries, 1 hour. Charger, 1 screwdriver bits, 1 double-ended driver bit, belt clip, 1 reciprocating saw blades for wood and 1 metal bits, and 2 bags; 1 carrying case and 1 tool bag.

The WORX® Nitro 20V, 4 pcs. Combo kit (W07120, $359.99) available at It is covered by WORX’s three-year limited warranty.

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