The North Gratiot Cruise passes through Chesterfield - The Voice

The North Gratiot Cruise passes through Chesterfield – The Voice

Macomb County cruise season is officially coming to an end with Chesterfield’s North Gratiot Cruise raising thousands of dollars to serve the area’s community and schools.

Despite bleak weather conditions on September 24, event organizers said hearty crowds gathered along Gratiot Street to watch hundreds of hot bars cruising the street or in the parking lots for car shows, and in the car park of Cruise’s main shopping center south of 23 Mile Road to enjoy festivities.

“We were pleased with the level of participation despite the rain,” said Chief Business Officer Jon Johnson, President of North Gratiot Cruise. “The cruise continues to grow 10 years later and we are optimistic about continued growth in the future and making a difference to the community.”

Although the accountants haven’t posted the final figures yet, the regulators said the money they raised includes:

• Community groups received $10,000 North.

• Priority Waste, corporate sponsor of the Gratiot Avenue Chamber of Commerce, contributed $5,000 to the Friends of Chesterfield Benevolent Fund.

• L’Anse Cruese Public School Athletics Fund won $1,000.

• Anchor Bay Schools won $850 for a cross-country program.

The ride typically draws about 25,000 people to Gratiot Avenue between Hall Road and 23 Mile Road to enjoy six hours of muscle cars cruising the street, along with music, fun, and vendors.

Powered by the Tamer Foundation and supported by dozens of community-oriented companies, the North Gratiot Cruise is a one-day celebration of automotive history that attracts muscle cars, street bars, customs, assembly cars, special interest vehicles, and the people who love them.

According to Johnson, the North Gratiot Cruise Foundation has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to local community organizations over the past decade.

These include Friends of Chesterfield Police, Chesterfield Fire Department, Selfridge North Chesterfield Lions, Anchor Bay High School Sports Program, New Baltimore Lions, MCREST, Vets Returning Home, Benny Freeman Inclusive Playground, and many more.

Domestically, the cruise season kicks off in early June with the Mount Clemens Cruise, followed by the Eastpointe Cruisin’ Gratiot and Cruisin’ 53 events at Center Line/Warren and the Clinton Township Gratiot Cruise in August.

5 km run/walk

Prior to the sailing activities, there was a 5-kilometer running/walking competition between district high schools in New Baltimore, Chesterfield Township, Macomb Town, New Haven, Lenox Township, Richmond Township and Richmond Township areas. It is offered by Total Life Changes.

L’Anse Creuse North won the North Gratiot Cruise 5K Cup due to the highest number of race participants. Next year, the school district will host the cup on a league basis similar to the Stanley Cup and the school’s name will be permanently engraved on the cup.

Last year’s winning team came from Anchor Bay Schools.

Here is a look at the results of the local contestants who participated this year:

Thomas Westphal, Chesterfield Township, 17, 1st place, 17:26.2.

Aidan Leslie, New Baltimore, 16, third, 18:49.2.

Ryan Lee, New Baltimore, 18, 4th place, 19:43.9.

Matthew LeBlanc, Chesterfield Township, 29, fifth overall, 21:10.7.

Kobe Coverdale, Chesterfield Township, 15th, 8th place, 21:35.1.

Matthew Campbell, Chesterfield Township, 34, 13th place, 25:55.8.

Jake Hardison, Chesterfield Town, 36, 16th, 27:08.8.

Alison Vogt, Chesterfield Township, 18 years old, 17 years old, 27:36.7.

Brandy Craig, Chesterfield Township, 39, No. 18, 27: 48.6.

Ian Jarman Jr., Chesterfield Township, 42, 19th place, 27:48.8.

Stephen Vogt, Chesterfield Township, 43, 20th place, 27: 59.8.

Dougherty Valley, Chesterfield Township, 63, 22nd, 28:16.0.

Leslie Saroli, Chesterfield Town, 37, 23rd place, 28:27.6.

Katie Belsky, Chesterfield Township, 36, 26th place, 28: 58.8.

Ashley Mann, Chesterfield Town, 38, 28th place, 30:15.4.

Mercedes Nawrocki, Chesterfield Town, 16th, 29th, 30:17.6.

Madison Bowen, Chesterfield Town, 14th, 30th, 30th: 17.6.

Kirchhoff, Chesterfield Township, 67th, 32nd place overall 32: 00.7.

Henry Potrick, Chesterfield Town, 11th, 33rd, 32:33.7.

Arduino Polisina, Chesterfield Town, 70, 35th place overall 33:36.7.

Mackenzie Bowen, Chesterfield Town, 12th, 36th, 34th: 58.9.

Amanda German, Chesterfield Town, 40, 38th place, 40: 55.2.

Michelle Carroll, Chesterfield Township, 45, 39th place, 42: 25.5.

Drake Rose, Chesterfield Town, 14th, 42nd, 44th: 29.4.

Christopher Carroll, Chesterfield Township, 45, 44th place, 46:36.7.

Cathy McIntosh, Chesterfield Town, 48th place 49th, 1:06:34.1.

Jay McIntosh, Chesterfield Township, 52nd, 50th place, 1:06:53.6.

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